Christopher Scarver

Christopher Scarver was born in the city of Milwaukee in Wisconsin in the year 1969.

Christopher Scarver is an African American by nationality. He was a second born in five siblings. He went to school at James Madison High School; however he did not finish his studies and dropped out at the eleventh grade because of discipline issues and poor performance. From this time, he started to take drugs with alcohol. It made the mother to throw him away of the house so that he can start to take care of himself and she feared that he would be a bad influence on other children. While growing up, he suffered some discrimination and this had left some impression in his mind. His girlfriend was pregnant and he was asked to go out of his house.


According to his biography, Christopher Scarver started to work like a carpenter trainee at the job program of Wisconsin Conservation Corp. He had been told by the supervisor called Edward Patts that when he finishes the apprenticeship, he will be hired. The mother wished that his son may get back to the right track when he gets a regular job. When Edward got sacked, then there were no more talks about the permanent job.

When he found out that he would not get the job he expected, then he went to Steve Lohman who had replaced Edward Patts. He asked him money at a gunpoint. However, Lohman had no money and gave him only 15 dollars. Scarver saw this as a joke. He got angry and he shot him in his head and took John Feyen as hostage while shooting Lohman again two times. Lohman died at once. Feyen got away after giving a 3000 cheque to Scarver. This is the incident which took place in the year 1990 and at that time Scarver was 19. In the year 1992, he got sentenced to life in imprisonment because of the murder. He would stay in Columbia Correctional Institute.

While in prison, he killed Jeffrey Dahmer who was in prison for killing 17 young boys and men. It was also believed that he practiced cannibalism and necrophilia. He also killed another inmate called Jesse Anderson. Christopher Scarver said that God instructed him to kill Jeffrey while other say that it may have some racial tint since Dahmer who was white, he would target black as his victims. He also tried to frame black men for his murders.

Married, wife, children

Christopher Scarver had never been married and has no record of any divorce. When it comes to children, he has only one son called Christopher born from his ex girlfriend. He was raised by a single mother since his father was in jail. He talks to his son using letters and he had encouraged him in studying hard and to take up sports which he did.

Net worth, salary

There is no information about his salary or net worth.

Last Modified: Mar 29, 2020

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