Jin Young was born in the year 1985 and it was in the city of Gwangju city in South Korea. She is of South Korean nationality. She grew up with different hobbies. Besides being good with her studies, she would sit before a TV for a long period and she got mesmerized by the concerts and musicals. This is when she decided that she will become a singer. She said that listening to the music made her to focus more and it is the reason why she would excel with her studies. While growing up, the parents were not interested too much in her musical ability but would ask her to study harder so that she may get a career. However, even if she did well in science, she had other plans. She went to the Dongil High School of Future Science found at the Chosun University. Afterwards, she entered into a Doctoral Course in the Business administration; she got a bachelor of Commerce with the Master in Trade Program. However, because this life seemed mundane to her, she decided to go in Seoul when she continued with her dreams to become musician.


According to her biography, Jin Young preferred music over acting and she worked with different girl groups when she was their trainee. This is meant to help her hone the skills to enjoy better future in her music. She became a good person in singing and she enjoyed instant success when she started her music debut. She became instant star and decided to join the musical girl group of SWAN.

Before deciding to be a musician, Jin Young had already entered into the acting and she appeared in different tv shows such as Yeon Gaesomun and Who Slept with Her.

When she joined SWAN, she became a popular person with the group. However, by the year 2009, it came to a stop when she started to get issues with this group. Her agent asked her to start singing alone. However, she was not confident enough to do so but in the end, she decided that it is the best thing to do.

Married, husband, children

Jin Young is not yet married and even if she had been in different relationships. She has no divorce record. She says that she is not interested in the relationships anymore since most men she was in relationship with were not committed as she was and they even cheated on her. However, it is said that she has a virtual husband named Namkoong Min, but otherwise she is single. The marriage was a result of the TV show called We Got Married.

Net worth

Besides being a successful singer, she also continues to appear on the TV. She had been in Running Man tv show and Light and Shadows, a fiction TV. She was also a cat in the Sister’s Slam Dunk. She has a net worth of 33 million dollars.

Last Modified: Mar 5, 2020

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