Beatie Edney’s real name is Beatrice Beatie Edney and she was born in the 1962 and she is English television actress. She was born in the city of London and she is a daughter to actress Sylvia Syms while she is a sister to Benjamin Edney and a cousin to Nick Webb. At the beginning, Beatie Edney came to the attention of the audience when he was Healther MacLeod in the year 1986 film called Highlander. For the first film of Highlanders series. She continued with this same role for 2000 film called Highlander: Endgame. In the year 1987, she performed a title role for the TV production called The Dark Angel together with Peter O’Toole. In the year 1990, she was in the Bruce Bresford which was directed by Mister Johnson together with Edward Woodward and Pierce Brosnan.

Other television appearances were in the leading TV roles of Lost Empire which is based on Novel of J.B Priestly and Colin Firth in the year 1986. She also appeared in episodes of The Mysterious Affairs at Styles, Wallander, Poirot of Agatha Christie, Inspector Morse, Prime Suspect, A Touch of Frost and Rosemary &Thyme. In the year 1994, she was playing Louisa Gradgrind role for the television adaption of Hard Times from Charles Dickens. She was the star of Dressing for Breakfast sitcom of Channel 4. She was Queen Charlotte while playing The Madness of King George II during its revival at Apollo.

Beatie Edney is an English television actress and from her biography, she never got married. Even if she is known as a beautiful woman who enjoyed many romances on the screen, it was not the case with her own life. She is single and she lives alone. At the age of 53, it is not easy to understand why she is not yet to get married or she may be married and kept her husband away of the public. However, since she did not say anything, everyone assumes that she is still a single person.

She likes to herself busy with her work and she has appeared in many television series and movies by now. She had written two movies, Law and Order UK: Duty of Care and Wallander: The Fifth Woman. She entertained audience during the year 2015 with the performance she had in The Coroner and Poldark. Her parents are Alan Edney and Sylvia Syms. She has two siblings, Benjamin, who was adopted and Jessica who lived only for two days. Her grandmother died when her mother was only 12 years old because of epilepsy and brain tumor and she committed suicide. Her pictures online show beautiful she is. She likes to post her photos on her twitter account @beatieedney. Her net worth has not been disclosed yet. Her mother started to act in 1956 with the box office hit under the name My teenage Daughter.

Last Modified: May 11, 2020

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