Abbie Cornish was born on 7 August 1982 in  New South Wales, Australia. She was born to white parents who were of Australian nationality. She has five siblings. Her family was a working class family that had a very vast amount of land to their name. She grew up on her farm that was around 175 acres big. She was inclined toward acting since a very young age and wanted to pursue it as a career. She started taking music lessons as well when she was in her childhood. She even skipped classes to focus on her music and acting. She is also a very influential vegan as she has been eating vegetarian food when she was just 13 years old. She has been the brand ambassador for animal rights as she believes that it is their right to live and should not be used for consumption by humans.

Her career started when she was cast as a model at the age of just 13 years old. She was found when an agent saw her at a small party and then decided to make her a model. She also reaches the final at a modeling competition when she was on the verge of her teenage years. She was awarded the Young Actors award in 1999 fo her role in the movie Wildside. This award uplifted her confidence to great heights and many roles soon followed that were equally good. Her next movie was The Monkey's Mask which was released in 2000.

She came out with anther movie in 2004 called Everything Views which was another hit at the box office. For her role in the movie she was awarded the award for the best actress by the Australian Film Institute. The very next year she starred in the movie Somersault for which she got the award for the best breakthrough performance by an actress in the leading role. She later did the movie Candy with Heath Ledger who is another Australian actor known for his role as Joker in the movie The Dark Knight Rises. He passed away after the movie was released and was later awarded the award for best villain in the movie which is to this date the best acting seen in a negative character.

Apart from her acting career, she has been also taking part in the music industry. She started rapping at the early age of school days but didn't take it much seriously until in 2000 when she released her first single by the name Dusk. She has performed with many wells known singers such as Nas in Australia. She has released her single Evolve in 2015 which was a very big hit in the Australian continent. There is very fewer personal data available about her on the internet. It is currently known that she is single as of now. She has a huge following on social media platforms such as twitter and facebook. Her net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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