Wnba Lesbian

The Wnba Lesbian story has been attracting the views of the people for a long time now. This story mainly surrounds Candice Wiggins who has raised her voice against the gender biased views of the society.

WNBA is known to us for hosting the most prestigious basketball championship in the world. However, it has remained in a lot of controversy regarding the candidate Candice Wiggins. She has protested against some of the sexual limitations posed by the academy. She has faced a lot of bullying from the other players in the academy. Most of the players in the academy were either gay or lesbian and she, being straight, was bullied.

She was heterosexual and probably this was the main reason she was ragged by her co-players. According to her, she never had any friends in the academy and they made her feel alien in the group. She had to hear a lot of slangs and words of such kind that made her heterosexuality a taboo in WNBA.

This news has taken over the media in such a way that the league was of less interest to the people. The famous players of the league were also questioned about the controversy. She has stood up as a stereotype among the other famous players of the league. She has referred to the environment of the WNBA academy as very harmful for a straight woman.

She wanted to go to the WNBA since the beginning of her basketball career. When she got the news about her admission to the academy, she was overwhelmed. But when she went to the academy, she felt nothing like that. When her co-mates got to know about her heterosexuality, she was teased and bullied her. She has described her long stay in the academy as the most depressing stage of her life. She could not get over the depression. In the initial stage, she could not even concentrate on her matches and her performance level started worsening with time. However, soon, she understood the fact that nothing can cure this situation but a strong protest.

She has said that sexuality is something which is one of the personal matters in one’s life. It should not be a topic of major interference. She wanted to being the fact in front of the people that sexuality cannot be a taboo subject in the society to mock or bully people. She first reported the board of directors regarding the harassment she had to face but they hardly paid any hid to her and treated the matter quite casually.

However, she decided to raise voice against this. She was subjected to a lot of conspiracies in the academy as most of the members were against her. She was also not given a good lead in the basketball court. She wrote petitions and took the help of the social media to spread her protest to the media and the people. This was the toughest phase of her life but there was no stepping back.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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