Will Arnett

Will Arnett was born in the year 1970 and he is a comedian, voice actor and actor of Canadian American nationality. He played as George Oscar Bluth II in Arrested Development at Fox/Netflix. He had appeared in the films such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Hot Rod and Blades of Glory.

He is a prolific voice actor for The Lego Movie Franchise, Batman, The Nut Job, Despicable Me, Monsters Vs Aliens and Ratatouille.

When it comes to his biography, he was born in the city of Toronto in Ontario. He is a son to Edith Alexandra or Alix and his father is James Jim Arnett who worked as brewer and a corporate lawyer. The parents were born in Winnipeg of Manitoba. He had the Ontario roots at the both sides of the family which goes back to some generation. Arnett was born with two older sisters with a younger brother. The father graduated from Harvard University. He worked like a corporate lawyer and he served like the CEO and president for Molson Breweries since 1997 up to 2000.

Arnett went to Lakefield College School found in Ontario. However, he was told not to go back because he was a trouble maker. He then joined Subway Academy II and he was taking theatre classes with Terragon Theatre. Afterwards he graduated at Leaside High School. He attended Concordia University of Montreal for just one semester. When he was still a teenager, he got encouraged by his mother to follow in the acting career. He auditioned to act in commercials of Toronto and like to act. He moved to go to New York where he attended Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. He appeared in some plays in the city and the first acting role he had was in independent film called Erie of Felicity Huffman.

Will Arnett started acting career on television in the series of CBS that was not picked up. He then appeared in a new episode of NBC called The Mike O’ Malley Show. The show was cancelled and Arnett become a drunkard to pass time. He had to deal with alcoholism before getting back his career.

Will Arnett found the success with tv show when he appeared in the Arrested Development. For the role, he was nominated for the first time to the Emmy awards. He worked for video games such as Vicious Cycle games and Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard.

When it comes to his personal life, he says that two people who influenced him are Chevy Chase and Steve Martin. He grew up while watching sports and he is the fan of Toronto Blue Jays and Toronto Maple Leafs. He has been married twice, both ending in divorce and has two sons. He can be found on social medias and his net worth is 12 million dollars.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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