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Steve Martin, born 'as a stand-up' on 14th August 1945. He was born in Texas, U.S. His birth sign is Leo. He is 6 feet tall. He was born to Glenn Martin and Mary Lee Martin. He has a sibling named Melinda Martin. He attended University of California in Los Angeles and majored in Theatre. He was raised in California. He was raised in a Baptist family. He is a skilled pianist.

He is a talented playwright and an author. He did work at Disneyland in his early days, selling guide books. He was in the background of the film Disneyland Dream. He worked at Fantasyland in Magic Shop, performing illusions and tricks. He was married to Victoria Tennant in 1986 but sadly got divorced in 1994. He got re-married in 2007. He is blessed with a daughter named Conquistador. He is aged 72 years.


The rock-star of comedy, Steve Martin, his forte includes, surreal comedy, sketch comedy, musical comedy, word play and improvisional comedy. He can comedy on American and pop culture, current events and human sexuality. His musical forte includes, country, folk revival, bluegrass and pop music. He is talented enough to play Banjo. He guest starred in the show called The Tonight show, a late night talk show.

He was a writer for the American comedy tv show series called The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour in 1967. He voiced Rags in the film Love The Coopers, a romantic comedy. He voiced Captain Smek in an animated comedy film Home. He voiced Hotep in an animated drama film The Prince of Egypt in 1998. He guest starred in an episode of the tv series named The Simpsons in 1998. He starred as Steven in the short comedy film The Absent-Minded Waiter in 1977. He was in a romantic comedy film It's Complicated in 2009 as Adam Schaffer. He starred in a comedy crime film Pink Panther and its sequel as Clouseau in 2009.

He played Ray Porter in the romantic drama film Shopgirl (2005) which is based on Martin's novel about an intricate love triangle. His solo debut album was released in 2009 and was named The Crow: New Songs for the Banjo. He has written a book named Shopgirl, which was then published in 7 different languages. He has written a novel named an Object of Beauty, a novel that celebrates fine art, published in 5 languages. He is a collector of celebrated fine art.

He wrote a novel named The Pleasure of My Company, published in 9 languages. He has won the Honorary Academy Award in 2013. He was honored with the Grammy Award in 2002 for Best Country Instrumental Performance. He received the Emmy Award. He has also won himself with the American Comedy Awards. He owns 22 awards and 34 nominations. He has earned an impressive Net worth of around $130 million. Martin is on Twitter with 8,744,412 followers. He has 22.2k followers on Instagram. He is on Facebook with 1,929,544 likes and 1,878,964 followers.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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