Timothy Crawford Jr.

Timothy Crawford Jr. is known as a former pro football player for the NFL and the ex-husband of gospel singer, Yolanda Adams.

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Timothy Crawford Jr. was born on December 17, 1962 in Houston, Texas. There are no known records about the identity of his parents or of any siblings. He grew up in the city of Houston. As a young man, he attended Kashmere High School. He later progressed to college and enrolled into Texas Tech.

He is an African American man standing at an impressive 6’4” which makes him very tall. He also has an athletic physique which adds to his impressive posture. His body was meant for pro sports.


Timothy was drafted into the NFL a couple of years after he graduated from high school. In 1986, he attended the NFL Draft at the age of 24 along with some other notable names like Lesli O’Neal, Jim Everest, and Chuck Long. He was drafted by the Cleveland Browns. He spent a single season with the club in 1987. This makes his NFL career a short one without any notable titles or accolades to his name.

When he quit the NFL, he became a financial adviser for a host of companies. The first floor of his home contained his office where he carried out his various businesses activities and operations.

Marriage to A Grammy Singer

He was once married to Yolanda, a beautiful gospel singer that he dated for some years before tying the knot in 1997. While he had a short football career, his wife was a successful actress and singer with over 8 million album sold. She is an accomplished gospel singer regarded by many people as one of the greatest gospel musicians of all time. Apart from singing, Yolanda is also a record producer and an actress.

Adams and Crawford are parents to their wonderful daughter, Taylor Adams Crawford. In an interview with Gospel Flava, Tim’s ex wife, Yolanda Adams spoke about her music career. As a singer, she made many television appearances and also toured around the country. She has been a frequent collaborates with famous Gospel acts like Hopeville and Sisters In The Spirit. She has no issues partnering with other members of the gospel community because she doesn’t think there is anything more beautiful than sharing the gospel together.

The Grammy Award winning singer has always been open to the people in her industry, "You have to understand that the gospel community is so family-oriented. We are always on tour together and on programs together. Now that we’re getting a lot of the mainstream coverage, we’re in places where we’re like the minority. We always hang together and sit together, so we’re really a family. The great thing about gospel music is that since it’s such a small genre, we are really there for one another.”

25 Feb, 2019

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