Tim Vine full name is Timothy Mark Tim Vine and he was born in March 1967. He is an English writer, presenter and comedian. He is known for the quick fire puns with the role he had at BBC series known as Not going Out. He stopped in 2012 and he released some DVDs for his stand up comedy and he has written different joke books. Since 2010 up to 2014, he won the Best Joke of Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Tim Vine was born in the city of Cheam and he did his education at Epsom College together with his sibling Jeremy.

According to his biography, he started his career as a standup comedian and was showing puns and one liner jokes. He appeared regularly at Edinburg Festival Fringe and this is where he had the shows like Tim Vine Shambles and then Tim Vine Fiasco. These videos helped him to win the Perrier Newcomer award of 1995.

He was at Spring Harvest of Christian festival together with Edinburg Festival. He then appeared at Pleasance Courtyard for first two weeks of Edinburg Festival Fringe. He was also at Cambridge Theatre and Minehead.

Tim Vine had been on the tour for his comedy act and it was named Current Puns and then Punslinger of 2008. In the year 2008, he did record the performance of Bloomsbury Theater in the city of London and it was released at DVD. He had a third tour named the Joke Amotive and it took place in February and in March 2010. He had DVD about the show and it was released in 2011. Some of his jokes were attributed to Tommy Copper but it was Cooper who featured his jokes.

Tim Vine has been in theater where he featured in Richmond producton for Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs. In 2012, he was in Aladdin production and in 20104 and 2015; he was in Christmas Pantomimes for Cinderella that took place at Wimbledon Theatre.

In music, he had sung comedy songs and they included drums, piano and guitar. He plays the church and drums and he had been in several bands and they include Flared Generation which was described to be most unfashionable punk band of the entire country by the Smash Hits magazine. He was with his brother Jeremy.

He has also featured in Podcasts, television and radio. He has contributed to Sit Down Comedy book and had written Biggest Ever Tim Vine Joke Book that contains around 1000 puns and jokes. The second book is The Not Quite Biggest Ever Tim Vine Joke book and it was meant for children.

At her age of 50 years, he is not married yet and has a net worth of 3 million dollars. His parents are Diana Tillett and Guy Vine. His twitter account is @ realTimeVine and his Instagram is @timvine.