Terry Farrell

Terry Farrell is an American model and a famed yester-year actress. Her claim to fame was when she played the role of Dax in Star Trek for 6 consecutive seasons. She is also acclaimed for her role as Regina Kostas in the TV comedy Becker.

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Terry Farrell was born as Theresa Lee Farrell on 19th of November, 1963 in Iowa to Edwin Francis Farrell Jr and Kay Carol Christine. She has four siblings in total, all of them being girls. Her parents divorced when she was young and Terry was adopted by her stepfather David. W. Grussendorf, whom her mother married shortly afterward.

Terry was in high school when she planned to try her hand at modelling. Encouraged by her towering height of almost 6 feet, she made a portfolio and sent it to the prestigious Elite Model Management agency. Her portfolio garnered attention of the agency and they invited her to work with them in New York. Within just two days of arriving in New York she was offered a contract with Mademoiselle. She also appeared in German Vogue and Vogue Italia. She was featured multiple times in Vogue USA.

While modeling, Terry simultaneously took acting classes and started starring in small roles. Her major break came in 1993 when she was asked to play the role of Jadzia Dax in Star Trek. After a successful stint in acting, the stunning actress got married to Brian Baker, who was a former spokesperson for Sprint mobiles. She has a son named Max.

Terry quit her acting and modelling career to focus on her family life. She remained married to Baker for a long time and the couple finally announced their separation in 2015. In 2017, rumors started circulating that she has been dating Adam Nimoy. The couple have confirmed their engagement. In her leisure time, Terry enjoys to sew and practice yoga. She also loves deep sea fishing. As of now, she lives in New York City with her son Max.


After her successful stint in the modelling industry, Terry wanted to transition as an actress. She took up acting lessons alongside Kate McGregor Stewart. Her debut role was in the TV show Paper Dolls where again she played a model. After this she starred in the film Back to School. She also did a lot of guest roles including the much acclaimed Cosby show and Quantum Leap.

Her major breakthrough came in 1993, when she was offered to play the pivotal role of Dax in the Star Trek series. The series had a phenomenal following back then and this made Terry a household name. After appearing for 6 seasons, she finally decided to leave the series. After this, the actress appeared in the comedy Becker as Regina Kostas. The famous actress played the role for four years after which Paramount replaced her with actress Nancy Travis. In 2001, an amateur Canadian astronomist discovered an asteroid and named it 26734 Terry Farrell in fond remembrance of her.

17 Feb, 2018