Taryn Dakha

 Details of Taryn’s Biography?

Taryn Dakha was born on July 17, 1980, in Vancouver, Canada. Taryn has a height of 5 feet and 6 inches. The family is of Canadian descent. The fit Taryn has an athletic body and well maintain by eating healthy.

 Taryn’s Personal Life?

Taryn is also called T by her friends and family. When she retired from ice skating, she started her acting career. While she married to a famous personality, there is not a lot of information. Taryn is also not visible on any social media sites. Taryn has been conscious in giving information about herself. The former skater is known as the body-double of Jessica Alba. The stuntwoman also had her limelight because of her marriage to the famous actor and producer Romany Malco.

Is Taryn Married or Divorced?

Taryn was married to Romany Malco, an award-winning actor, producer, and screenwriter. The two meet on the set for Love Guru in 2007. Taryn is a professional skater. Some report mentioned that Romany became interested in ice skating when he met her. It has been said that the couple’s first date was in a rink. After a few months of dating, he proposed to her. They tied the knot on September 3, 2008. The celebrity couple was seen attending the Love Guru premiere together in California.

There were no records of them having children. The relationship lasted for eight years and ended in 2016. Both parties didn’t reveal the reason for their divorce, but rumor has it that Taryn has an extra-marital affair with another guy. There were photos of Taryn with her baby bumps and with a different man. The fans were quick to assume that she was dating the stranger.


 Taryn’s Career? Net worth

Taryn was a professional skater before she became active on screen. The activity she had on films showed her beautiful and elastic body but not her face. She was doing the stunts for Jessica Alba in the famous Fantastic Four films. Taryn did Alba's flying and jumping in the said movies. Taryn’s face might not be seen on screen, but she was given full credit in performing difficult stunts for her in the Sci-fi movie.  Skills that she might learn when she was skating. There are articles commented on one episode of Fantastic Four mistakenly captured her face while she was doing the stunts for Alba.

Aside from Fantastic Four, she was also Alba’s body double in films The Love Guru, The Eyes, Good Luck Chuck. Taryn and Jessica Alba have created a good friendship. The two ladies were spotted shopping together. Taryn was even present in Alba’s baby shower.

After doing stunts in movies, there was no more news about Taryn. It has been assumed that Taryn is living a private life away from cameras with her family. As to her new husband, the name is yet known. The gender and name also of her child were not disclosed.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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