Tanner Foust was born on 1 June 1973 in Los Angeles, USA. He grew up in Scotland which is a place for wilderness and where he learned all his skills driving in rallycross. His parents have been always supportive of hs career choices and have motivated him for his driving. He did his highs chilling in Scotland later return returning to the USA where he later joined the University Of Colorado. He got a degree in biology from the university but his heart was set to something else.

He started his professional career after his education. In summers he used to race a rally car across the USA and this gaining experience. He did coaching jobs and was a mechanic for some time. That is how he made money for racing. He has also been ice racing coach after completing his education in college. He was in rally racing before 2003 when he competed in everything that was related to racing and in every category it was in 2003 that he made the switch to professional rally racing and took his career to another level. He has been very passionate about cars and that is the reason for him being a rally car driver.

He has done so much hard work to get to the point where he is now. Apart from rally racing he has also been a stunt driver for many of the Hollywood movies. He has become one of the most famous race car drivers in the world withing just a span of 10 years. Currently, he hosts the AmericanTopGear show which airs on the History Channel. He was initially cast as the host for the fist season but the show was canceled and was later shifted to another channel. This time he again got the offer and he took it. He has been a stunt driver for many of the movies such as Need For Speed, Fast and the Furious, Hot Wheels and some other movie as well.

He is among the most successful drivers in the Formula Drift competition. He has won awards in different categories all through hs career. Not only in rallycross but he has also been successful in drifting nd drag racing. He has won medals in the X Games which is by far the most number of medal won by and participant. His trophy cabinet speaks truly of his talents and hard work.

There is very fewer data about his personal life on the internet although it is known that he got married to his longtime gardens in 2005. He has a daughter with his wife who was born in 2009. He is currently living in Los Angeles with his family. He has had some incidents in his career as well. Some of the accidents that he was involved in were really scary and could've ended his life but somehow he was saved and still continues to entertain people with his world-class driving skills. He is active on facebook and twitter as well so his fans could follow him there. His biography can be read in Wikipedia. His net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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