T.J. Holmes

T.J. Holmes’s full name is Lautelious T.J Holmes Jr. He is a television personality and a journalist of America origins. He became well known for the first time when he became a correspondent anchor of CNN. He did spent 5 years anchoring at CNN Saturday and Sunday Morning.

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Holmes did leave CNN in the year 2011, when they have signed the multi-platform talent deal under BET Network. This deal did include the new show at BET which was under the title Don’t Sleep. Holmes and BET stopped to work together in the year 2013. In the year 2014, Holmes was the reporter for New York for Good Morning and the Good Morning America team welcomed him to the ABC News.

According to his biography, T.J. Holmes was born in the city of West Memphis, in Arkansas. He is the younger child in a family of two children. He was nicknamed T Jr and it became T.J afterwards when he begun the television career. Holmes did attend University of Arkansas and it is where he got the degree in the Broadcast journalism.

T.J. Holmes started the television career while working on KSNF Channel 16 and it was in Joplin of Missouri. He decides to drive to the center where he hand delivered the resume with a reel. He got hired at once. Holmes did not spend more than a year at this center and he was working as weekend anchor, assignment reporter and a producer. Holmes did move back to the Arkansas, his home state and joined the CBS Affiliate called KTHV found in Little Rock. He was a general assignment reporter. In just one year, he got promoted and started to work as a weekend anchor.

In the year 2003, Holmes moved to work at KNTV, at NBC O&O station found in San Francisco Bay Area. He worked as the 5 p.m evening news’s anchor. When he was working at KNTV, he did travel to Greece, in Athens where he was covering 2004 Olympics. While working at KNTV, he was covering different stories that got national attention and it included the recall election for Gary Davis, when he was California governor. This led to election of Arnold Schwarzenegger. He also covered Scott Peterson’s Double murder.

When it comes to his personal life, T.J. Holmes got married two times. The first time was to Amy Ferson but the marriage ended in divorce. They got two children together; they are Jaiden Holmes and Brianna Holmes. After the divorce, he got married again to an attorney called Marilee Fiebig in 2010. They got a daughter together called Sabine Holmes. They have been together for 7 years and there are no rumors about any divorce by now. Even T.J. Holmes is paid a good salary, he had not said about how much he earns, he had been able to make 3 million dollars as net worth.

10 Oct, 2018