Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Marilee Fiebig is the wife of American journalist T.J. Holmes. Marilee Fiebig is an Atlanta-area attorney. She is of African ethnicity. She completed her graduation from University of Michigan. She also studied law in Vanderbilt University Law School and has a law degree from that University.


Initially she worked as an immigration associate attorney from 2005 to 2008 at Powell Goldstein LLP which is currently known as Bryan Cave LLP. Then from 2008 to 2013 she worked as manager of all immigration cases at Alston & Bird LLP. Then she went ahead to work at Fragomen, Del Rey, Bersen and Loewy as an immigration associate attorney in New York.

She worked there for a couple of years from 2014 to 2016. After that she started working at Wilhelmina International and she is still working there as a General Counsel. She deals with the immigration needs of the company and also oversees the employee recruitment of the company. She also handles the company’s legal and human resources department.

Started from 2005 she has worked in a lot of firms and she has made a significant progress. Marilee worked for the Immigration Services, Department of Labor, United States Citizenship and Department of State as her law practice concentrates on Business Immigration. Marilee has also assisted many NGOs, Companies and Universities on global immigration issues. Currently Marilee is on the board of directors (RRISA) Refugee Resettlement and Immigration Services of Atlanta.

Personal Life

Marilee Fiebig and her husband T. J. Holmes got married in 2010 in Memphis, Tennessee, United Stated. Holmes was born in West Memphis, Arkansas. He completed his graduation from West Memphis High School. Later on h went to the University of Arkansas to complete his degree in Broadcast journalism. The full name of her Holmes is Loutelious Ann Holmes Jr. T.J. Holmes is a journalist and National television personality. First off he started his career in Missouri at KSNF Channel 19 then he joined CNN in 2006 and started working there as an anchor. He appeared on several shows.

Then in 2011 he left CNN and then started working for Bet Network and signed a contract with them. He last appeared on CNN’s show in December 2011 and he is working with Bet Net till now. This marriage was after his divorce with his ex-wife and college girlfriend, Amy Ferson in 2007 and after than he dated an R&B singer Rozonda Thomas from the female band TLC for a very short time. For their honeymoon the couple went to island country named ST Lucia.

T.J. Holmes is also a member of National Association of Black Journalists. When he married Marilee, he already had two children from his first wife. A daughter named Brianna and a son named Jaiden. The couple had their first child in January 2013. They were blessed by a daughter. Her name is Sabina. Together with her husband their net worth is estimated at $3M.