Susi Cahn is best known as the wife of Mario Batali, an American chef and celebrity. Her date of birth is not on record, and it seems it has been consciously hidden to make her age a thing of speculation. However, Susi is believed to have been born in 1960s.

Personal Life

Susi Cahn has been born to Lillian Cahn and Miles Cahn. Her ethnicity is Hungarian and Russian Jewish. Susi’s father had been a U.S. designer and business man, and co-founder of Coach Leatherware Company. The company is presently known as Coach, Inc.

On the other hand, her mother had also been a co-founder of a fashion company which produced iconic handbags. They disposed of their company to start a new business in which they had an interest. Both the husband and wife started a Coach Farm in Hudson Valley which made goat cheese. Susi’s mother expired in 2013 while her father died in 2017. She is one of the three children of his parents.

Susi met with Mario Batali, her husband, for the first time in a food event in 1992. She had been to that event due to her family being in the food business while Mario had been there in the event as a chef. Being attracted, they both started dating each other. Susi and Mario married in the month of November 1994. The marriage ceremony was held at one of the beautiful beaches in Caribbean Islands.

Recently, they celebrated their marriage anniversary in Paris, and posted a picture of the event. They have together two sons namely Benno Batali and Leo Batali. The elder son Benno, who is twenty one years old, has been still studying in the University of Michigan. The two sons have released together a cookbook entitled Batali Brothers Cookbook. Susi has been leading a peaceful married life with her husband and children. They have been residing primarily in a Greenwich Village in Manhattan, but they are having another house in Northport, Michigan. She has not divorced his husband.

However, Mario Batali has recently been accused by one of his co-workers of assaulting her sexually. She has given an account of the incident under which she said that Mario had rubbed the breasts. Three other women have levelled similar accusation. When a high profile person is accused of sexual assault, his prestige becomes at stake. The matter came to light in October 2017. Mario has begged to be excused for any misconduct of his. Susi is reportedly perturbed, but has not opened her mouth on the issue as yet. Susi is married to her husband Mario Batali for around 24 years now.


Susi has no career outside her husband’s. She is deeply involved in the work of her husband. Her parents have left her a large fortune. She does not need to worry for her sustenance. However, she supports her husband in his projects and businesses. There is no information about her winning any awards. Also, as per her biography, her net worth is unknown. However, she shares her husband’s net worth of $25 million.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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