Mario was born on 19 September 1960 under the sun sign of Virgo. He was born in Washington in United States of America. Mario’s father’s name is Armandino Batali and his mother’s name is Marilyn Batali. His parents used to work for aeronautic giant Boeing. He didn’t had any sibling and Mario completed his schooling in Spain and he later enrolled himself in Rutgers University. At the university, Mario studied Business Management along with Spanish Theatre and it is known that Mario used to work part time to cover for his expenses. 

Soon after completing his education, he started his internship with a well-known chef Marco Pierre White. He worked with him for three years before he was ready to work alone. Later, Mario started working at Four Seasons Biltmore as a chef. He also worked at a restaurant in NYC. Mario was loved by all the food lovers as his recipes were quite unique and they offered a flavour of different world.

Owing to his growing popularity, Mario also got a chance to work with Food Network and the show he worked in was known as Molto Mario. The show was aired for 8 years on the channel. Later it was reported that Mario started a joint venture with Joe and together they named the company as B & B Hospitality Group. The group opened their first restaurant in New York and the cuisine served was Italian. The restaurant gained popularity quickly. Because of the positive reviews that the restaurant received, the group opened several more restaurant. In 2008, Mario’s restaurant was honoured with Wine Spectator Award. Today, they own restaurants in many other countries. He also appeared in Iron Chef America as a contestant and he later appeared in the same show as a judge.

Mario is known to work for several social causes and one such cause that he supports is related to hydraulic fracturing. This is a method to extract natural gas and Mario is also a part of a NGO who helps in providing food to orphaned students of South Africa. Mario also works with Food Bank in New York City and helps in providing food for the needy people. He surely understands the importance of food. Mario has appeared in over 19 TV shows. He has also been honoured with several awards like Man of the Year Award and the Best Restauranteur Award. As of now, Mario owns about 25 restaurants.

Mario is married to Susi Cahn and after the marriage, his wife gave birth to two children. Both of them are boys and the name of his sons is Leo Batali and Benno Batali. His salary is not public but it is known that Mario has a net worth of 25 Million American Dollars and most his income comes from the chain of restaurants he own. He had been highly successful in his line of business and his success can surely be measured by his ever increasing net worth.

Last Modified: Jul 4, 2020

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