Susanna Reid

Susanna Victoria Reid is an English journalist and news broadcaster.

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Susanna Reid was born on December 10, 1970 in Croydon, Surrey, UK. Her father, an Englishman of Scottish ancestry worked as a management consultant and her English mother was a nurse. She has two older siblings. Her parents divorced when she was just a little girl at 9 years old.  The divorce was hard on the young Susanna but she was able to get through it with the help of her siblings. If she was an only child, the divorce would have been a tougher ordeal for her but she wasn’t alone. Her siblings reminded her that she had their love and even the love of her parents even though they were no longer going to be married.

Susanna was a student of Croham Hurst School where she was known as a committed scholar. She tried to set herself apart by the rest of her peers by staying dedicated to her tasks and school assignments. She went to study politics, philosophy and law at the University of Bristol. At Bristol, she went on to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism at the Cardiff School of Journalism.

While a student at the University of Bristol, she was the editor of Epigram, the student newspaper that was published and circulated around the university. Susanna started to get a real itch for journalism because of her experience with the school newspaper. She was able to get instant feedback on her articles from her teachers and her fellow classmates. She really enjoyed the fact that she was able to right about things and experiences that were so intimate to her. She would attend a college function and be able to go back to her room to write an article with the event fresh on her mind. After a college sporting event, she still had the highlights and action of the game in her head. She was grateful to have an outlet to express her college experiences.

Broadcasting Career

Reid was best known as the co-presenter of BBC Breakfast when she started in 2003. She remained on the job until she exited in early 2014. Currently, she is the co-presenter of the newly launched ITV Breakfast program called Good Morning Britain with Charlotte Hawkins, Ben Shepherd and Sean Fletcher. The show airs on weekdays from Monday through Thursday.  On April 28, 2014, she made her debut on the show Good Morning Britain which she enjoys very much.

Reid has worked as a regular newsreader and covered various programs such as the Oscars in 2009 and 2010. Reid has written critically acclaimed and engaging series of radio programs such as ‘Reid It and Weep.’

Relationship Troubles

Early in 2014, Reid separated from her longtime partner Dominic Cotton, a former sports correspondent. They were in a relationship since 1998 but after a decade of love, things came to an end. Together, they have three sons Sam, Finn and Jack.

14 Nov, 2018

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