Sue Bird is called Suzanne Brigit Sue Bird. She is well known because of being the best basket baller player and she has the best performance in the game and she won many hearts because of how she plays. She was born on 16th, 10 in 1980. At her age, she was able to achieve everything that she desired in the game and she is known as professional player of basketball.  Her birth place is Sysosset and this is found in New York. She is of American nationality from white ethnicity.  She was born to Herschel and Nancy Bird. Her father was born in Italy but he is a Russian Jew and his last name was Boorda. This is why Sue also has an Israeli citizenship that she got from 2006. However, she presents USA during international competition.  She was raised in the Christian religion of her mother.  Bird got interested in the sports when she was still young and was influenced largely by her sister who is also an athlete.  In addition of the basketball, she was also playing tennis, soccer and she runs the tracks. She was a good player and she started to play when she was in the sixth grade for AAU basketball. When she was still 11 years, she played in the basketball game of St John in the halftime. People were too impressed and the security guard had to ask her an autograph.

Sue Bird played the sophomore and freshman years at Syosset High school; however she was looking for the competitions and she went to Christ the King Regional High School in the Queens. For the first two seasons that he spend at the Christ the King, Royals won 24-3 in her junior years. With the second season, the team was undefeated and they won New York State Championship together with the National title. She had got many awards which include the player of the year of New York Daily and the player of the year for New York State.  She was named as WBCA-All American and played in the WBCA High School All America game where she got 11 points.

For her college, Sue Bird was recruited by different teams including Vanderbilt and Stanford. However, she chose UConn since it was close to her home and it was known to win.  She helped her team to win different games but the most renowned one was the one she played against Notre Dame and she was named to be The Best Women’s Basketball game ever played. This game had been memorialized in the book called Bird at the Buzzer.

Sue Bird had completed the USA basketball like a member of Jones Cup Team during the Taipei Game. Bird started the four games and led the game to the gold medals with 17 assists.  Bird played for the National team in the World Championship in China. The team coach was Van Chancellor and she got 4.3 points. In the year 2006, she was invited again to play for the national team in Brazil. Sue Bird plays also for WNBA for Seattle Storm.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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