Steve Kornacki

Stephan Kornacki is an August-born American political TV host, writer, and journalist. Steve is currently working at NBC News where he serves as a National Political Correspondent. As a writer, Steve has written various informative articles for different publications including The Daily Beast, Salon, The New York Observer, New York Post, The Wall Street Journal and Daily News as well as the New York Times. He has as well been involved with MSNBC where he has been a co-host, data analysts, and multimedia anchor. As it relates to politics, Steve is among the few most intelligent writers in the American society.        

Personal Life

Born as Stephan Joseph Kornacki in 1979, in Massachusetts, U.S.A., Steve has one sibling sister and is his parents’ only son. His father, Stephan Kornacki, and his mother, Anne Ramones, are of Polish descent though Steve’s nationality is American. His sister’s name is Kathryn Kornacki. During his schooling years, Steve actively participated in spelling bee competitions and won several awards both locally and nationally. This helped build his command for English.

Steve publicly announced his ‘gay’ sexual orientation in 2011. This open admission drew much attention of numerous magazines as well as newspapers, especially since it was a time when the political journalist was hired by MSNBC. Although at present no details of Steve being married or involved with women is available, he is said to have married but a short while after divorced. He is rumored to be in a romantic affair with a fellow journalist, but Steve has still not confirmed the alleged relationship.

His family background remains anonymous as he prefers remaining secretive of his personal life. When not on air Steve prefers playing football for leisure. In fact, Steve is said to have invested in a football club. The intelligent writer has a $2 million net worth though his salary is undisclosed. Despite being on Twitter, Steve remains inactive for a long time and has not yet embraced other social sites including Instagram. However, fans can access his bio on Wikipedia.     

Career Life

Today, Steve’s biography is frequently accessed as a result of his political writings that keenly address emerging political issues. His MSNBC show is politically oriented and airs on weekends. However, he also has an evening show dubbed MTP Daily which airs in the evening on MSNBC. He joined in 2010 and has ever since been contributing his writing skills. Apart from Salon, the other print media that Steve has rendered his skills include New York Daily News, New York Observer, New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

Having attended Boston University, Steve graduated after earning a Degree in Political Science. After graduation, Steve’s professional career kicked off as he started appearing on distinct TV shows. He started at as a reporter until 2006. Alongside his political writings in different print media, Steve has been a co-host in a political series program at News 12. His political commentaries and co-hosting an MSNBC show has earned him massive prominence.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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