Steve Hartman was born in 1963 and he is a broadcast journalist. Hartman was born in the city of Toledo in Ohio. He got a degree in the broadcast journalism of Bowling Green State University and graduated in the year 1985. Since 1985-87, he was serving like intern and as general assignment reporter for WTOL based in Toledo in the state of Ohio.

Since 1987 until 1991, he became the featured reporter of KSTP in the city of Minneapolis where he was working in the same position at WABC-TV in the city of New York City. Since 1994-1998, he was serving like a feature reporter at KCBS-TV in the city Los Angeles and he hosted the segment known as The Stevening News. He was a correspondent of two CBS News Magazine, Public Eye with Bryant Gumbel and Coast to Coast. Hartman was a full-time CBS News Correspondent and he served at 60 minutes II essayist since 2002 up to the time that this show got canceled in the year 2005.

From his biography, Steve Hartman became well known for the award-winning feature called Everybody Has a Story. He got this idea from David Johnson, a newspaper reporter at Lewiston (Idaho) Morning Tribune. He tried first some few stories at the Public Eye. He would use a dart and toss it at the map of United States over his shoulder and he would go to any area where his dart had landed.  At the arrival, he would use a phonebook and choose a random name and find that person and ask him to interview him to tell his own story.

Hartman was traveling around country and reached to Florida, Miami, West Virginia, Buckhannon, Alaska and Hawaii. From the inception in the year 1998, he was able to produce 123 stories. The series reached to the worldwide level when with NASA assistance, he would point at a random on a location and Hartman would travel to that area. The series was renamed Everybody in the World Has a Story.

When it comes to his parents, Steve Hartman’s father is George Hartman. Steve Hartman is married to Andréa Hartman. He met with his wife in the city of Los Angeles and she was working like a cake decorator. They have three children; the first two are George and Emmett.

In the year 2002, Steve Hartman got an Alfred I Du Pont-Columbia University Award given by Columbia Journalism School because of Everybody Has a Story series. He got Emmy Award because of writing and got Four RTNDA-Edward R. Murrow Awards and it included three consecutive citations for Best Writing.

More information about his body measurement, net worth, weight and height had not been recorded yet. Because of too many fans, he has a presence on twitter and he is now available on Instagram. During his spare time, he likes to cook for his children and to them out for leisure.

Last Modified: Apr 5, 2020

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