Steve Guttenberg

Steve Guttenberg is an actor, businessman, director, author and producer of American origin. He has shown his acting skills in many movies like “Cocoon”, “Short Circuit” etc. One of his early works was in the year 1984 when he acted in “Police Academy”. Currently, his age is 58 years. His full name is Steven Robert Guttenberg.

Biography and Early life

Steve was born to Ann Iris and Jerome Guttenberg on 24th August 1958 in the city of Brooklyn, located in New York. His mother was an assistant in surgeries while his father Jerome was an engineer of electrical. He has 2 other siblings and had got a Jewish rearing. He has received his initial education in Northern Massapequa located in New York. He attended Plainedge High School from where he completed his graduation in the year 1976.

He joined a program during summer at Julliard School. During this program, he came into contact with John Houseman, where he landed his first role. After completing his education, he relocated to California for becoming an actor.

Film Career

Steve’s film career extends to around 40 years during which he worked as an author, director, actor and producer. He is the owner of Production Company named “Mr. Kirby Productions” which he named after his drama teacher of high school. His first famous appearance was in “The Chicken Chronicles” which was a comedy movie based on the high school of California in the year 1977. On IMDb many such classic movies of Steve are available.

He has 'acted in a large number of movies like “Diner”, “Short Circuit”, “High Spirits”, “Tower of Terror” and much more. His first movie in which he participated as a writer/actor/producer /director is “P.S. your cat is dead” in the year 2002.

Television and Theatre

Steve has also shown his acting skills in a number of television showslike “Miracle on Ice”, “The Day After”, “Veronica Mars” and many others. In 2008 he participated in the celebrity dancing show “Dancing with the stars” along with Anna Trebunskaya. He has also remained active in theatersfrom several years by participating in many dramas.

Printing Press

One of the funny incidents related to Steve took place when he was in his junior year. During his history class, he got to know that the inventor of the printing press was named Johann Gutenberg. After knowing this he realized that the last name of Johann and his were same. He started to search his genealogy to get to know that whether he and Johann were related or not. Unfortunately, both of them were not related and do not belong to the same family.

Personal Life

Steve got married to Denise Bixler on 30th September 1988. However, their marriage didn’t last long and after 3 years only they separated. They got officially divorced in the year 1992. His ex-wife was a model. After that Steve was in a live-in relationship with Emily Smith, TV reporter since 2014. During December 2016 Steve announced his engagement to Emily. Steve had always been a philanthropist and has a special inclination towards children and homeless. Due to his kind acts, he was nominated as the Ambassador for Children’s Issues by the charity arm of Hollywood. Currently his total net worth values around $15 million.

Last Modified: Apr 5, 2020

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