Stephen Merchant

Stephen Merchant is a famous hollywood actor, comedian, director, producer, writer, radio presenter and also a website operator. His multitalented personality has made his fan base worldwide. He has worked alongside many famous personalities of hollywood including Hugh Jackman. He is a social activist and has donated money from his earnings to the poor and for services of the environment.

Personal life

He was born in city of Hanham on November 24th. His current age is 42 and he is at the peak of his career. He was born in a middle class family. His father was an insurance representative whose name was Ronald John Merchant. His mother was a nursery nurse, her name was Jane Elaine. He completed his early education from Hanham High School and did his graduation from the University of Warwick.

In his early life, he loved playing sports and his favourite sport was football. He wanted to be a stand up comedian from his teenage and thus, he followed that path. Currently he lives in Los Angeles. He was also a good singer and a guitarist and loved doing guitar shows. Moving on to his personality, he is skinny, white in complexion, traingular shape face, silky hair and wears eyeglasses.

He is 6 feet and 7 inches in height, making him taller than the average American height of 5 feet and 11 inches. He weighs around 215 pounds. He is an atheist but never brags about being one. He is a citizen of the United States of America. Currently he is unmarried but previously he had a few girlfriends. Christine Marzano was one of his girlfriends. The two dated for a few years before getting separated. Nothing much is known about his current girlfriends, except that he was seen with a blonde girl.


He first began his career as a film reviewer on a radio channel. He also worked as a Disco-Jockey for some time. His radio career lasted for 7 years. He got his first major break as a writer and as a director in the TV series ‘the Office’. It received normal ratings and was not a huge success. He also hosted his own show on the radio, named as the Steve show, which was focused mainly on music. The show received a good response and was hosted for 4 years.

He also started his career as a stand up comedian and started a nationwide tour of USA as a stand up comedian. He received good response as a stand up comedian. He also starred in a comedy show ‘Hello Ladies’. Steve Merchant has starred in many Hollywood films such as Hot fuzz, Tooth Fairy, Hall Pass, I gave it a Year, Logan, Beauty and the Beast and many more. He also starred in many TV shows such as Meet Ricky Gervais, the Office, Extras, 24, An Idiot Abroad, Hello Ladies, Modern Family, the Big Bang Theory, American Dad and many more. His work and his multitalented personality earned him a lot of respect in Hollywood.

His fans can follow him on instagram and twitter. His instagram username is Stephen Merchant. His twitter username is also Stephen Merchant. His net worth is US dollar 40 million. He earned his money by writing scripts, directing, hosting and producing radio shows as well. He also supports charity events such as End Water Poverty, which aims at ending poverty from United States of America and Friends of the Earth which aims at removing harmful gases from the atmosphere. He also supports charity events for refugees and disaster reliefs.

Last Modified: Apr 4, 2020

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