Shaun Phillips was born on 13 May 1981 in Pennsylvania, USA. His parents are of black ethnicity ad belong to American nationality. He was the youngest of the children in the family. He started playing football and basketball at a very young age. He went to Willingboro High School for his primary education. He was added to the school team after his coach saw him play one day in the field. He liked basketball better but his coach told him to focus on football as he was quite strong and fast. He started playing for the team in school.

He started his career when he got a scholarship from Purdue University. The scholarship was based on his sports qualifications. He was made the defender for his college team. He started off playing very well for the team but he couldn't give enough time for his studies that made his scores very low and he had a difficult time in that period. His grades were so poor that he had to sit out from his education for one year.

The moment when he came back he started to give more dedication to the team as well as his studies. He chose the Purdue university in first place because he wanted to play with his friend Drew Brees who played for the same team as the chemistry between the two was great and he thought it would help their game. When he came back he looked better and performed even better shattering some records such as a total of 33.5 which was the best in that school ever recorded. This boosted his confidence a lot and he started to get even better as the time progressed.

He also recorded a score of 3.5 in a match that was the highlight of his college career. He was used at the offensive side of the pitch and he caught 3 touchdowns in his career which is a great number for a primary defender. In 2003 he graduated from his college and progressed into professional footballing.

In 2004 he was drafted by the Chargers as the their choice player for the year. He was used as the substitute in his first year and mostly played as a pass rush specialist coming in the end of the games to provide extra points to the team. In his later seasons he started to become the most important player for the club. In his time at the team he was also surrounded by some controversies.

Once he had a little feud with a police officer that landed him in jail and had to give some huge money to get bail. In 2013 he was signed by the Denver Broncos.  In a match he scored 2.5 which was very good for that match. He then signed a contract with the Tennessee Titans in 2014. There is no news whether he is married or not and whether he has a girlfriend. This is hover certain that he doesn't have a wife. His salary is quite high that makes his net worth around $10 million.

Last Modified: May 10, 2020

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