Robert Herjavec was born on September 14,1962. He is multi talented and dons many a hat for instance he is an entrepreneur, a producer and he has also written around ten books. He is at the same time a family man and has a great reputation.

As an entrepreneur he won the 2012 Entrepreneur of the year award in technology. This award was presented to him by the corporate giant Ernst and Young. He is the founder of the Herjavec Group which is a world known industry in providing cyber security solutions. His enterprise is so famous and effective that even the likes of the US president and leader of opposition have been heard talking about it.

As an author he has written two books which became bestsellers. These books are called Driven (about how one can succeed in business and in life) and The will to win (leading, competing and succeeding).

As a TV artist he has done shows like Dragons Den and Shark Tank. In Shark Tank this actor was the nice shark or mentor so to speak and these shows were all about young entrepreneurs pitching their ideas and impressing the judges and if the mentor or the judge liked the idea then they invest in the business.

Personal Life

The ballroom beauty Kym Johnson and the corporate shark Robert Herjavec married in a fairytale style in Los Angeles. They first met during the shooting of the show Dancing with the stars. The couple did not win a trophy but they won each other's hearts. It was a truly happy ending for the duo.

The actor/tech guru was seen in a white tux and the lady wore an A line Monique strapless gown. The dignified looking Ms. Kym Johnson walked the aisle with the perfect background tune called Somewhere over the rainbow. The stars say that their idea of marriage is friendship with and respect for each other. This is the actor's second marriage and the dame's first.

What's inspiring is that the actor bounced back after his first divorce post which his three children (two daughters and a son) stopped talking to him and he became suicidal. The names of his kids are Caprice, Skye and Brendan and they live in Canada in Toronto.

Kym his second wife was heard saying that initially the couple maintained a professional distance and later as she tried teaching him how to dance she was happy to find that they had a chemistry.


Mr. Herjavec's net worth is $200 million. His collection of cars include two Lambhorginis, an Astin Martin, and A Rolls Royce and a Bentley. Mr. Robert Herjavec has participated in the Ferrari North America Series where he won many laurels and he also won the Rookie for the year 2011. He also has a personal island where he goes for vacations.

Last Modified: May 10, 2020

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