Satsuki Mitchell

Satsuki Mitchell is American beauty who appeared at the arm of Daniel Craig on the red carpet events during the year 2006. She was an envy of many women from many places. With her exotic looks with slim physique, it is now easy to see why the Bond actor got interested in her. The two started to date in 2005 when they were on the set of a horror film under the name of The Jacket. From her biography, she went to University of Pennsylvania and she was working like a development and production executive. She had many film credits including Criminal of Maggie Gyllenhaal and Robert De Niro. She played also Black Christmas, The Jacket and Last Night.

Once she was seen on the set while visiting Daniel and she had huge diamond ring on the finger and it was said that they were about to get married. However, Daniel and Satsuki Mitchell did not talk too much about it. However, Daniel Craig did not get married to Satsuki Mitchell but got married to Rachel Weisz. His wedding did not have many guests and there were no stylists and wedding planners at the attendance. However, he chooses to get a simple wedding with four witnesses and their children from the old relationships.

The entire event got followed by a meal and early night. It was carried out with enough secrecy that James Bond was proud of. However, this did not go well with his friends. When Satsuki Mitchell stopped to see Daniel, she was too upset and her weight plummeted prompting her parents to ask if she suffers an eating disorder. Her devastation is not surprising since she considered Rachel to be her friend since they were together on the set on which Craig was starring together with Weisz.

While on stage, Satsuki dismissed the rumors that were circulating that they two had become very closer. Rachel was already in relationship with Darren Aronofsky 42 who was the father to her five year son known as Henry before Rachel was photographed together with Craig as a couple. The two were seen hand in hand enjoying a Christmas break to a 1000 pound a week cottage in the Dorset. Satsuki learnt about the wedding just like any other person and there was nothing to warn her that her fiancé is about to dump her. Craig was 43 while Mitchell was 32 years old.

Satsuki Mitchell is now said to be seeing Jason Lewis and they had been in a long term relationship from 2012. The relationship to Daniel Craig started in 2007 until 2010. There is no record about siblings of Satsuki Mitchell and wiki websites does not have information about her. She is a mix of Caucasian and Japanese. Satsuki is a Japanese name. How much she owns as a net worth is her secret.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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