Sabrina Mcgillivray

Sabrina Mcgillivray is a Canadian celebrity wife and elementary school teacher. She is mostly known as the wife of Scott McGillivray who is a famous investor, financial expert and public speaker.


Sabrina Mcgillivray was born at the end of 1970s. Her exact date of birth is not available to the public which is why her exact age also cannot be stated with complete confidence. She is native of Ontario, Canada. There is very little information available about her early childhood and family as well as educational background but it is known that she is now an educator at a public school.

Marriage to a Celebrity

Sabrina is a happily married woman. Her husband is the famous TV personality, financial expert and writer, Scott McGillivray. They got married in the year 2009. Previously before their marriage, the couple dated for a few years which helped developed their bond and bring them closer together.

There are no fine and private details about their wedding except a lot of photos in the media. The couple was blessed with two children. Sabrina is a good mother of two beautiful daughters who were named Myah and Layla Chloe McGillivray. The little ladies are adored at their schools because of how cute they act.

When Sabrina’s husband, Scott was asked about his hidden talent by HGTV, he said, “Well I’m super strong. I try not tell people this. Because you know, with great powers comes great responsibility (laughs). I like running, I do a lot running on the side, people don’t know that. I can stick my stomach out like a pregnant person, that is something that I’ve always been able to do, as a young child. And I’m still good at it. When my wife was nine months pregnant, we had a tummy competition when the photographer was at the house taking maternity pictures. And so, I took a picture with my stomach sticking out further than my wife’s when she was nine months pregnant! Also, surfing, I love surfing. I can walk on my hands.”

When asked what one item he couldn't live without, Scott had an answer that would make any wife blush, “My family. But one item I can’t live without right now is my phone, unfortunately. It kills me, I feel like naked. I would turn around no matter how far from home I was if I forgot my phone. And if I lost my phone, I’d probably lose my mind.”

Working in many homes has led to some interesting discoveries for Scott, “One time we opened up this wall, I found a bottle of booze in the wall with just a little bit of booze in it and a cork still in the top. On the front of the bottle it said, “Andrew got wasted here in 1903.”


Scott also is an author of books about business and he launched a numerous number of business projects. He is a business guru in his public life but he is a great husband in his personal life.

Personal Life

When Sabrina McGillivray isn’t hard at work as a teacher at an elementary school in Woodbridge, Ontario, she likes to indulge in her various hobbies. She is interested in the fields of interior designing, landscape and decoration. Both Sabrina and her husband like to make their own interior design work using their romantic imagination so their home is basically their collaborative vision and cooperative work. She is a very creative person and is always trying to make her family nest more comfortable and interesting. She also is interested in dancing. She lives to move around to express herself. In most of her free time, she spends a lot of hours with her children and husband at their house. She loves raising her children and uses the same methods she uses in her classroom to educate her own kids.

She doesn’t have many followers on the social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook but she has posted a lot of photos with her beautiful daughters. She is a very big supporter of her husband even during his long and tough trips all over the country. Sabrina shows her big heart and hospitality to everyone that she is able to meet. The couple lives in a big house along with their children. They are happy to give their children a big and comfy home to grow up in. She has hosted numerous parties for their friends and family members at the house. Her husband Scott also said that every lovely house should have enough space for rest and a big enough garden to host parties for loved ones. Sabrina gets so excited when they decided to throw a party. She loves the whole process from decorating the house and inviting the guests.

Her family travels to Fort Myers, Florida for occasional vacations. Since Scott is always out of the house, she treasures the moments when the whole family can travel together. They are able to give their daughters new experiences and teach them about people and cultures from different parts of the country.

Staying Away from The Public Eye

Sabrina is a very attractive and natural woman. She is very shy and tries to be far away from media publications and networks as much as she can possibly be. Even though she is the wife of very popular person in TV industry, she has no desires to build up her celebrity status herself. She enjoys watching her husband’s career from a distance and only wishes to support him. She doesn’t want to get involved because it is not in her nature to be in front of the camera.

Sabrina prefers not to speak about her personal life and has refused to many any appearances on TV shows or radio interviews Her net worth is not available on the public record, but her husband’s net worth is about 4 million dollars. Her family is very successful when it comes to their income and finances thanks to Scott’s role as a popular and profitable investor.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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