Born in the year 1965 on 25th February to father Larry Thompson in Rockledge which is situated in Florida in the United States of America, Scott Thompson spent the better days of his life in Cocoa Beach which is situated in Florida in the United States of America. He studied at the Cocoa High School which is situated in Cocoa in Florida and graduated in the year 1983 from there. He then went on to pursue his further education from the Florida Atlantic University which is situated in Boca Raton in Florida, United States of America.

He graduated with a degree in marketing from there and was recruited as a bank courier right after his graduation. His interest in acting and comedy started during his first year in the college and he performed in several stage shows. Not much detail is available about his parents, except the fact that his father was a rocket scientist. There is no news available about his mother or any siblings. His family also owned a bakery business in the US.

He started his career by appearing in the movie Larry the Cable Guy's Christmas Spectacular. This was a movie that was based around Christmas and did well at the box office. He did movies such as The Jeep 4X4 Who Wanted to Fly in 2005. He has appeared in a number of movies before becoming a stand-up comedian. In 2002 he made the podcast about dating called The Rules of Attraction.

He has been also doing the judging of various comedy shows such as the one tat he did in 2008 called the Last Comic Standing. This was a show that was not scripted and the contestants had to perform various acts without preparing and the last man to go past the elimination was schooled as the winner. In 1995 he became the continuity announcer at the cartoon network. He then started producing the show called AM Mayhem for the cartoon network. He made the show until 1996 before which the producers pulled out and he ran out of the budget.

He has also made some TV appearances. In 2010 he appeared in the show Don't Forget The Lyrics. This show was a magic show which he did with Penn and Teller. He has been also appeared as the guest on other shows such as on comedy central where he was a roast onto the show Flavor Flav and also on the Gene Simmons show. Top appeared on the show Mind Freak which was a show about illusions. The very same year he appeared in the show The Bad Girls Club. He has worked in all of the industries such as music, TV, and film.

There is very less known about his private life. He was thought to be married but it turned out to bb just a rumor. He has gone through a plastic surgery that has changed his appearance a bit. He has earned some money throughout his career that has taken his net worth to around $2 million.

Last Modified: May 10, 2020

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