Ryan Earl Merriman, an American actor, was born on 10th April in the year of 1983. He first saw this world in Choctaw, Oklahoma, in the family of Earl and Nonalyn Merriman. He also has a sister, called Monica.

Career Experience

When he was very young, he started to be actively engaged in a number of activities: vocal performances, commercials, print work, and Oklahoma’s community theater. He started to be a star for promo ads when he was 10 years old thanks to his aunt, who was first to notice the boy’s talent.

Filmmakers heeded the boy too, and so he got his first vital role in the TV series “The Mommies”, where he starred in the period between 1993 and 1995. Meanwhile, he got an insignificant role in “The Client”, another TV series. In 1997, he receives roles in the film “What’s Right With America” and the fourth season of “The Pretender” TV series. Exactly thanks to the latest TV series, the world fame comes to Ryan Merriman.

In 1999, he plays a role in the film “The Deep End of the Ocean”, produced on the basis of Jacquelyn Mitchard’s novel of the same name. There he plays one of the major roles, the lost son of Michele Pfeiffer, and Ryan later admitted that he got a very useful experience by starring in this film. Moreover, he was awarded the Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Feature Film for his participation in this film.

His career was so significantly boosted thanks to his starring in Disney movies. In 1999, he was a star in Disney’s “Just Looking” and “Smart House”. In the following two years, he played the main roles in the films “Rocket’s Red Glare” and “The Luck of the Irish”, which helped him to win millions of fans all over the world. Up to date, Ryan Merriman starred in around 50 films and over 10 TV series.

Ryan Merriman’s net worth amounts $2 million.

Personal life

In 2004, the actor married Micol Duncan, whom he dated since 2000. However, the marriage lasted only until 2011, when he had to divorce with his wife. A year later, Ryan Merriman engaged Kristen McMullen. In September of 2014, the couple celebrated a wedding.

Ryan Merriman is a passionate fan of active types of sport, such as horse riding, skiing, skating, snowboarding, sailing, going into long nature tours, and even playing paintball. In addition, Ryan is fond of animals – namely, dogs – because he has 5 dogs: 4 Rottweilers and one mixed Pomeranian dog.

Moreover, Ryan Merriman is a member of the Mountain Eagle foundation, the main aim of which is to help kids from poor families, disabled kids, and visitors of the crisis centers.

After all, Ryan is an active blogger, as well as many other celebrities, who is able to boast around 72 thousand of followers on twitter.


While being able to boast the filmography of around 50 films and more than 10 TV series, Ryan’s latest contribution to the world cinema are: “The Last Best Place” (2015), “The Last Rescue” (2015), “A Sunday Horse” (2015), “How Not to Propose” (2015), “The Congressman” (2015), “Palominas” (2015), “The Hard Ride” (2015), “Domain” (2016), “Distortion” (2016).

In 2014, he also played a role of Ian Thomas in the TV series “Pretty Little Liars” (since 2010) and the role of Frat Boy in the series “Ballers”.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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