Stand-up comedian, actor, producer and book writer Russell Peter is 2008 Gemini Award winner. He is an outstanding stand-up comedian. He did observational style comedy. He was very fond of comedy but never had a courage to be a part of comedy community. Once he met a famous comedian George who listen Peter and advise him to choose your profession as comedian.

Personal life

Peter was Canadian national, was born on 1970 in Ontario. His father was Indian for that he was often bully for it. Peter was only four when his family moved to Brampton. He attended secondary school in Canada till class 9-10 and then studied in North peel School till grade 12. He studied college on total scholarship. The scholarship was awarded from Peel School.

Marital status

Russell was publically open dating with Indian actress “sunny Leone”. He left her after 2008 and got married to his another girl friend Monica in 2010. The couple has a baby girl, was born in 2010.


Russell did lots of work as an actor, producer and book writer but he is famous all over the world as a comedian. He started his comedy from his own country Canada in 1989. He was big fan of George Carlin and on his advice he joined stand-up comedy as profession. He performed worldwide as a stand-up comedian. He gave his first formal performance in “George Show” on television in 2007.He gave tribute to George by his performance in his Comedy show of Canadian television named “comedy now”. This was the turning point of his career. In 2007 when he announced his performance in Canada sport complex, over 16,000 tickets were sold that was the record. Peter’s comedy is popular word wide. He laughs almost people of every country; Sydney, Germany, Afghanistan and Africa are some of them.

Peter,s first official comedy album was “Outsourced” which was on aired in 2006. His performance was also recorded in DVD to enjoy every moment of Peters comedy. The album was successful and ranked on number one for more than a year. The second album “Red, White and Brown “was second comedy album of Peter’s. The album was joined production of Peter’s and his brother. This video was shoot in USA Theater. Russell also gave is outstanding live performance in 2011 from London. The show named “Live from the O2 Arena”.

Peter proved himself as a brilliant writer also. He wrote book “Call me Russell”. This autobiography was published in 2006.

Peter also came up with awesome film and television actor. In 2011 he did his debut film “Breakaway” which was based on Punjabi Canadian. He also worked in National Lampoon’s 301 and “My Baby’s Daddy”. He starred in television series Mr. D and Senior Skip Day two of them.

Russell’s comedy style

Russell has Indian ancestry. He has bad experiences of brought up in Indian family. He adds all good and bad colors of his childhood experiences. He adds colors of daily life. In his comedy he gives colorful humor of race, stereotypes, class and culture.


Russell was very talented comedian cum actor. He won 2008 Gemini Award, Juno award in 2009 and Trailblazer award from South Asian media in 2013.

Russell an outstanding comedian passed from bitter experiences of his childhood. But he spread rainbow of laughter all around the world. He not only wins hearts of millions of people with his comedy but also win confidence of his fans with his acting and writing.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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