Romanatwood Kids

Romanatwood Kids is a YouTube personality a Vlogger and a comedian well known as Roman Bernard Atwood. Roman Atwood is well known because of his Vlogs and he posts updates about his daily live. His vlogging channel has reached to over 10.2 million subscribers. He had the second YouTube channel known as RomanAtwood and this is a channel where he likes to post some prank videos. It had been up to 8 months but he had not posted there for at least 8 months. The prank video gained around 1.39 billion views and the total of around 10.1 million subscribers. The total numbers of all the subscribers are 20.3 million subscribers.

According to his biography, he was born in the city of Millersport in Ohio. Atwood was producing and filming the videos from the time he was in High school. He had an elder brother called Dale Atwood and they were raised up in extreme poverty during their childhood. He started his career through producing the series of the DVDs named The Nerd Herd. It is sold in Warped Tour in the year 2006. He had worked on many commercials and film products in Columbus, Ohio in the year 2010.

Afterwards, he decided to focus more on creating YouTube channel for comedy called Sketch Empire. Before starting own YouTube career, he was working at the rope factory of his family, the Atwood Rope. In the year 2001, he got married and his wife is Shanna Riley. They got the first son Noah Vaughn Atwood. However, in 2008, his wife cheated on him together with a friend when they went to a vacation and he asked for a divorce.

Now he lives in his birth town together with Brittney Smith, who is his girlfriend and they had a son called Kane Alexander Atwood. They met when they were at a wedding of his best friend called Chase Gilroy and Roman was his best man. Brittney is a sister to the wife of Chase and they started to date from that time. Roman Atwood founded a merchandise line known as Smile More and he sells the hoodies, T-shirts and Bracelets. In 2016, he said that he was about to be a father for third time.

Roman Atwood had produced many movies on the Youtube and they are Plastic ball prank when he filled his entire house using plastic balls to reach to 2.5ft high, Anniversary Prank Backfires, when he pranked his girlfriend telling her that he cheated on her and she saw the camera and told him that she cheated also. Others are Killing My Kid where he throws a mannequin over the balcony so his girlfriend would think that it’s their son. His movie is Natural born Pranksters and went into a tour named Roman Vs Fousey. He pranked his kids with a living room full of snow. His net worth is 3.5 million dollars.

Last Modified: Mar 11, 2020

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