Roman’s biography starts with his personal information. He is American by nationality. His ethnicity is white. He got married to his wife Brittney Smith. He has been active since 2009. His genre is the comedy. There are total 21.4 million subscribers and 4.53 billion total views. This shows how much famous he must be on the social networking sites such as twitter and facebooks. He is having thousands of followers on the social networking site and has uploaded thousands of photos.

He has created a Youtube channel where he posts the prank videos. Since 8 months, he has not posted anything on the channel. About more than 1 million has viewed the prank videos and about 10 billion subscribers they have. About 20 billion subscribers it has. He is enjoying millions of likes on the social networking sites.

He was born in Ohio. He was producing as well filming the videos since childhood. Name of his father is Curt and name of his mother is Susan. During his childhood, he suffered from poverty. He produced various types of DVD ‘the nerd herd’. He has worked on different types of films. The very famous channel sketch empire was created by him. Before this channel, he started working at rope of the family Atwood rope. He got married to his wife Shanna Riley. The name of the Atwood First son is Noah Vaughn. He filed a divorce with his wife for cheating Atwood for being with friend on vacation.

He is presently residing with his girlfriend at his house in the hometown. The name of his girlfriend is Brittney Smith. He is having one child from her. Name of his second child is Kane. He saw his girlfriend at the wedding of his friend. He has his own line of merchandise called the Smile. He is in expectation of third child from his girlfriend.

He is a famous personality. Thus, his net worth is attractive. He is having a good amount of salary. He is also famous on the social networking site. This shows that he is having a good net worth. He has large number of fans.

Various youtube such as plastic ball prank, anniversary prank, killing my kid prank you can find on the youtube. He has also performed in the film such as tour and pranksters which are natural born. He has been also involved in the legal issues. In the year 2014, he was arrested for the panic done by the police department of Columbus, in the shoot of one of the prank at a place where he has to rob the Public ATM. He was then summoned in the court. This case was highly contested. Based on the speech freedom, he won the case. He was also accused of prank videos. It was against the policy of the youtube, as the content was misleading. He was also nominated in various award ceremonies.

Last Modified: Nov 8, 2020

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