Sarah was born on 6 December 1972. She was born in Connecticut in United States of America. The name of her father is Michael Griffin Rafferty and the name of her mother is Mary Lee Rafferty. Her father worked in the field of finance and it is also known that her father was quite passionate about Oil Paintings. Her mother worked in English Department of Convent of the Sacred Heart School.

As per the information available, Sarah has 3 sibling and all are her sisters. Her childhood was spend with her family in Connecticut. Sarah has a bright academic background and she completed her education from Phillips Academy before moving to Hamilton College. Later she got an opportunity to study at University of Oxford as well. Finally she received her master’s degree from Yale School of Drama.

The actress worked in several movies and TV shows, talking about the movies, she worked in 8 movies and the first movie that she worked in was Mambo Café in 2000. Later in 2002 she got a role of a nurse in Speakeasy. In 2004, Sarah worked in Soccer Dog: European Cup and 2 years later she worked in Falling for Grace. Sarah also worked in The Devil Wears Prada and the movie made huge collections on box office. This movie is also used as for management lessons in some of the top B-Schools. The movie was screened in 2006. In 2009, she got an opportunity to work in Four Single Fathers and 2 years later she was featured in Small Beautifully Moving Parts. This was the last movie that she performed in.

The list of her television show is really long. She worked in over 26 shows and short films. Her first role was in Trinity in 1998 and over the years her popularity kept on growing. In 2002, she got a role in CSI Miami and 2003 was a lucky year for her as she got to work in 5 shows that year. The best one was Tremors and Six Feet Under. Most recent show in which she worked was All Things Valentine.

Sarah married Santtu Seppala in 2001 and her husband also worked in the field of finance. As per the information available, he works with Lazard Freres and Company as a Stock Research Analyst. The couple had two children after the marriage and they raised the kids together. The fans say that the couple is really cute and adorable. Name of her daughters is Oona Gray and the name of her second daughter is Iris Friday.

As per the estimate, she earns around 300 thousand dollars every year and her net worth is over 5 Million Dollars. It is said that her husband helps her in managing her wealth as he works in an asset management company. Sarah is quite active on social media and she uploads a lot of pictures on Instagram. With a huge fan base and popularity, success of this magnitude is guaranteed.

Last Modified: Nov 9, 2020

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