Richard Harmon

Richard Harmon happens to be a very talented actor, of Canadian origin. Currently aged twenty five, he was born as Richard Scott Harmon on 18th August in the year of 1991. His birthplace is the beautiful town of Mississauga situated in Ontario, Canada. His father and mother are Allan Harmon and Cynde Harmon respectively. Allan himself is a successful movie director who has many critically acclaimed successful works in his bag. Cinde is a well known producer in the glittering Canadian industry of filmmaking.

He grew up in Ontario with his sister, Jessica Harmon, being his only sibling. Jessica herself is a well known actress in the film industry of Canada. Richard struggled throughout his young age before he finally got a break into the film industry in the year of 2012.

His debut as an actor started with a globally popular television series, Jeremiah. He is a world renowned actor who has successfully managed to impress his audience on both Canadian as well as global stage. Although Richard has played many roles in various movies and plays, his character as John Murphy is the one, he is mostly known for. He played this iconic role in 'The 100'.

Apart from this, Richard’s character was also appreciated 'The killing', which required him to play the role of Jasper Ames. Another series for which he got appreciated happens to be 'continuum', in which he was casted as Julian Rondol. Richard's character in the famous film 'if I had wings' was widely acclaimed by both critics and the audience. He played the role of Alex Taylor in the movie. The movie went on to be nominated for the Canadian screen award in the category of best performance in a youth series. Not only that, it was also nominated for Leo award for the best lead performance by a male in the category of feature length drama.

Apart from acting, Richard also holds interests and hobbies. In fact, ever since his childhood, he has been a huge fan of the tiresome sport of soccer. To be particular, Richard loves playing and following the sport. According to media sources, Richard has been spotted supporting the notre Dame Irish football team, several times. Sports aside, he also loves watching television series and cartoon shows. His favourite television show of cartoon genre is rumoured to be the globally famous cartoon show, Spongebob squarepants.

He also holds immense interest in the world of music.  His favourite singer is Bob Dylan where as his favourite band happens to be the ‘Rolling Stones’.  Richard is often seen raising his voices with reference to various social and political issues prevailing in the societies all around the world. He is a well known LGBT activist and is officially a feminist.

Richard, being a well known actor in both Canadian and international filmmaking platform, is active on all mainstream social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat etc. His total net worth, according to online media sources, is around three hundred thousand American dollars and it continues to grow owing to his commitment towards hard work.