Phil Mickelson is a professional golfer who plays for America. He is considered one of the best golfers of the world. His official world golf rankings is quite impressive and almost always stays in the top 10.

Early Life and Beginning of Career

He was born as Philip Alfred Mickelson on June 16, 1970. This makes his age 45 years now. His father was his namesake, Philip Anthony Mickelson, and he was an official with both the air force and the navy. His mother was Mary Mickelson. His birthplace was San Diego in California, but he spent most of his growing up years in Scottsdale in Arizona.

His family was quite supportive of his sporting career right from the start. One interesting nugget of information about Mickelson’s golfing style is that he is right-handed by nature, but he plays golf left-handed. This is because he learned to play the game by watching his father play, and his father was left-handed. They usually played in the backyard of their home in San Diego. Mickelson is an alumnus of the University of San Diego High School, from where he completed his graduation in 1988.

Mickelson got into the Arizona State University by virtue of a gold scholarship. Here he played amateur golf for the country and won several awards including NCAA championships thrice and the Haskins Awards thrice. He won 16 golf tournaments when in college.

Success with Golfing

Mickelson is a highly eminent golfer. He has been the champion of a record-breaking 42 events at various PGA Tour events. He is thrice-winner of the Masters titles and once he won the PGA Championship in 2005. He has also won an Open Championship in 2013. So far, he has bagged all the major international golfing titles with the exception of one. This one that has eluded him so far is the US Open; however, he has been a runner-up for this title six times. He was welcomed in the World Golf Hall of Fame in May 2012.

This World Golf Hall Famer was also a recipient of the British Open Golf Tournament in 2013.

Other Works and Honors

Phil Mickelson has appeared in a few movies as well, all of them related to his sport and his life. Some of his mention-worthy appearances have been in Forbes Celebrity 100: Who Made Bank?, Who Made You?, and HSBC Champions WGC Official Film.

He co-authored a book with Donald T. Phillips in 2005. This book was titled One Magical Sunday and it speaks about his victory at the PGA Masters Tournament of 2004. He is also the subject of a book named Endurance.

His game has also been ranked at number 9 on the list of 25 Most Awesome Sports Moments. He has appeared on the Time magazine’s list of the Top 100 Most Influential People in the World.

Personal Life

Phil Mickelson has been married since 1996 to Amy Mickelson. He has three children with his wife. He has revealed several details about his married life, and his journey as both a husband and a father, in his book One Magical Sunday.

In 2007, Forbes estimated his net worth to be around $42 million.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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