Her biography starts with her personal information. She was born in Ohio. The name of her parents is Patricia and chuck Heaton. He was the plain dealer’s sportswriter. When she was 12 years old her mother died due to an aneurysm. She was a roman catholic and was fourth in five children.

She has three sisters and one brother namely Sharon, Alice, Frances and the name of the brother is Michael. She attended the university of Ohio state. She did her graduation in B.A. In order to study drama she then moved to the beautiful city New York. In the year 1987, she made a broadcast appearance in don’t get god starter. She is an American by Nationality. She was born in the year 1958 March 4. She is 58 years old by age. She resides in Los Angeles. She is active since 1989 until present. She got married to her husband David Hunt. They have four children. She is white by ethnicity.

You can get all information about her on Wiki. She is a very famous celebrity. Thus, her salary and net worth both are attractive. She is very much active on the social networking sites such as twitter and facebook. She has many followers who tweet on her. She has uploaded my photos. On facebook, she has thousands of likes. She has many followers who are following her on social networking sites. She has also given the guest appearance on TV, in the year 1989 Alien Nation, the party of five in the year 1996. Her films include namely Beethoven released in the year 1992, in the year 1994 the New Age and in the year 1996, the space jam. She also worked in Back to you as Kelsey Grammer. She also played a role in the seventh season of Extreme Makeover.

She has also played a role in the television movies such as in the year 1997, a miracle in the woods, in the year 1990 shattered dreams, etc. She was also a documentary film producer in the year 2005, the bituminous coal queens of Pennsylvania. It was directed by Heaton husband. In the year 2006, she produced the drama Amazing grace. She also played the role in the second stage in the city of New York namely the scene for which she was nominated for the award of Lucy Lortel. She also starred in the comedy show of ABC namely The Middle.

In the year 2003, she appeared as a spokesperson on the television series and the commercials on the radio. She was featured on the company’s cover in the annual report for the year 2003 and 2004. Her husband is the British actor with whom she got married in the year 1990.The couple divided their time between Cambridge and Los Angeles. She did her plastic surgery. She has also undergone a reduction in breast and the stomach tuck up. She normally considers herself as Catholic.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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