Park Joo-ho

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The renowned footballer, Park Joo-ho was born on 16th January in South Korea, according to his biography and is a South Korean by nationality. He has been 5 feet and 7 inches tall. The soccer player went to Soongsil University and began his football career at the university level itself. He belongs to South Korean nationality. Park Joo-ho was born to Park Gil-soo.

Park Joo-ho has been married to a Swiss woman Anna. According to the media sources, Anna used to work as a part-time cafe worker inside the soccer stadium. The couple started seeing each before getting married. The couple has been blessed with an adorable biracial daughter named Park Na-Eun and a son named Park Geon-hoo. Na-Eun made a milestone in KBS2's Korean reality TV variety program The Return of Superman. Na-Eun charms the audiences by speaking in many languages like English, Spanish, Korean and German. Park's multilingual daughter captivates the audiences on the show, increasing the value of the show. The whole family made a debut appearance on the reality TV series, The Return of Superman.


Park Joo-ho plays as a defender for Ulsan Hyndai FC. He was the captain of South Korea National Soccer team in FIFA World Cup in Canada in the year 2007. He was in a 4-year contract with Swiss Super League club, Basel. Park Joo-ho played his first game in the 3-1 defeat against FC Luzern in the year 2011. He won the Swiss Cup in the end of 2011-12. He has been playing as a left wing-back, as a full-back and as a defensive midfielder. He has been playing internationally for Germany, Switzerland, and Japan. Park Joo-ho has played for many football clubs such as Kahmina Antlers, Mito HollyHock, Basel, and Borussia Dortmund. He was in a 2-year contract with the German football club Mainz 05. He won the last minute goal by 2-1 over FC Krasnodar in the Europa League in 2015-16. The player with fantastic character, Park Joo-Ho earned a Net worth of $7,00,000 and an annual salary of around 108000 euros. Park Joo-ho has been earning a weekly salary of 9000 euros. He is active on social media and has 35k followers on Twitter and 92.6k followers on Instagram.


Park Joo-ho won the Borussia Dortmund, The German Cup in the year 2016-17. The professional soccer player owns the Uhrencup in the year 2011. Park Joo-ho won the J.League Cup Jubilo Iwata in the year 2010.


Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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