Saraya-Jade Bevis, popularly known as “Paige” in the wrestling circuit is a famed professional wrestler hailing from England. Paige belongs to the trio team “Absolution” that performs under the RAW brand. She has won the Divas champion twice and is also the youngest female wrestler to have won a championship in WWE.

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Paige was born in the year 1992 in Norwich to a family of professional wrestlers. Her parents are wrestlers Patrick Bevis and Julia Hamer-Bevis. Paige was named after her mother’s ring name Sweet Saraya. As a child, she was trained by her father and brother. In her initial days, she was skeptical of the sport because of the injuries associated with it. However, she made her official wrestling debut at the tender age of 13. Paige attended the Hewett School in her hometown of Norwick and graduated in 2008. Her family founded the WAW (World Association of Wrestling) in 1994 and continues to run it till date. Paige and her family also have a documentary titled “The Wrestlers: Fighting with My Family”, to their credit.


Paige debuted in 2005 when her father made her a last minute replacement to another wrestler. Her first ever recorded match was alongside her mother in WAW. Her first professional team was called Norfolk Dolls and performed in various tournaments within England. However, the team soon got dissolved. Post this, Paige applied to several other wrestling promotions and travelled all over the world as a professional wrestler. Though she met with a few defeats initially, Paige clenched her first victory against her mother in the Herts and Essex (HEW) Women's Championship. Following this victory, she went on to win several other tournaments such as Real Deal Wrestling (RDW) Women's Championship, RQW Women's Championship, etc.

In 2011, Paige debuted in the Shimmer women’s athletes teaming with her mother which they eventually lost. After this, Paige wanted to try her luck in WWE and approached a talent scout. Although she was unsuccessful for the first few times, she eventually managed to break into the WWE circuit. She debuted in WWE under the Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) in 2012. Paige’s first victory in WWE was in 2012 where she won multiple matches against famed women American wrestlers like Sasha Banks and Audrey Marie. After suffering an injury inflicted by fellow wrestler Summer Rae, Paige recuperated and took on several victories leading her to win the Divas championship

Paige debuted in the main roster of RAW in 2014 and emerged victorious. She also debuted in WrestleMania the same year and her team won the championship. Following this Paige took a hiatus and reentered the ring under the team Total Divas and won the same. Post this, Paige again took a break blaming a neck injury. However, WWE released a statement that Paige was tested positive for an illegal substance. As on 2017, Paige performs with the team named Absolution. The team went on to win against Sasha Banks. Finally in December 28th, 2017 Paige again suffered injury inflicted by Sasha Banks which led the referee to discontinue the match. Besides wrestling, Paige has also featured in a number of reality shows as a participant and judge and starred in two WWE movies.

01 Feb, 2018