Nick Kroll is a famous American writer, actor and producer. He has also gained popularity as a comedian.

Personal life

Nick Kroll was born in the year 1978 on June 5th. He was born in the city of New York. He is the son of a businessman of the city. He was the youngest son of his parents and had two sisters and a brother. He grew up in a Jewish background as both his father and mother was from a Jewish family. He belonged from an educated family and was given the lessons and manners and disciplines from a very early age. He went to the Solomon Schecter School which is in Westchester.

Later, he changed his school to the Rye Country Day School. He changed school several times during his educational years due to his preference for hiking. He also went to the Mountain School which is located in Vermont. As he was a very good student, nothing affected his studies and in the year 2001, he finally graduated from the Georgetown University. During his university days, he appeared in several comedy shows as a stand up comedian. It was from this time that he started dating the popular actress Amy Poehler. However, he went through a break up in the year 2015. There is still no news about his marriage.


Kroll started his career at a very early age. He is not only popular as a stand up comedian but also as a writer. He wrote scripts for the famous television show Human Giant and Chappelle’s Show. He is also a very talented artist and his sketch characters Fabrice Fabrice and Gil Faizon became very famous among the followers.

After working with various channels for some time, he started the Kroll Show which he personally directed. Kroll has achieved a lot of popularity through his live comedy performances worldwide. His live performance in Thank You Very Cool has achieved much popularity among the people. He went on several tours and appeared in the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.

He performed many shows one after another, in this theatre. He went on the tour with the famous personality Aziz Ansari to host the comedy show Glow in the Dark. He also uploads online videos for the popular official website of Funny or Die. Kroll considers that he has started his career success through television.

He was starred in the show Cavemen for the ABC channel. He became so popular among his followers that he made guest appearances just after this show. His guest appearances in Best Week Ever, New Girl and Community were remarkable. His role in the League which was a popular comedy series, has also gained a lot of popularity among his followers.

Kroll has also been starred in films where he did major supporting roles in the comedy acts. He has also appeared in other films like Get Him to the Greek, I Love You Man, Date Night, Adventures of Power and Sausage Party. He also did many voice roles in villainous and comedy roles. He is very successful in his career but we cannot mention any exact amount of his net worth.

Last Modified: Apr 4, 2020

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