Monica Raymund

Monica Raymund is a popular and beautiful actress from America. She is famous for her acting skills.

Monica Raymund was born in the year 1986 on July 26th. She was brought up in Florida. Her father was a great business person known as Steve Raymund and her mother Sonia was a dancer. Her father held the position of a chairman. She was brought up in great luxury as the financial condition of her family was very well. She has received a Jewish culture since childhood as her father was also from a Jewish background. She also had a younger sibling named as Will Raymund.

As her parents remained busy with their work schedules most of the time, she took care of her brother. The sibling bond was very strong between them as they spent most of the time with each other. She had an interest towards drama and other cultural events from an early age. She visited the Shorecast Preparatory School which was one of the best schools in Florida. When she went to high school she joined the famous theatre group of her school. She took part in various drama events of her school along with the theatre group. She has also won several awards for her school.

She was also very good in dance and took dancing lessons from her mother who is a dance teacher. As a student, she never wanted to become a professional actress as she loved to do theatres a lot. When she went to the university, she got several offers for auditions and different roles. She joined the university to carry on with her further education after graduation. She studied Bachelor's of Arts in the university for three years before pursuing her future career with acting.

When she stepped into the industry, she was chosen by Richard Feldman for Cymbeline. She was also casted in Animal Farm and The Diviners directed by Trizana Beverley and Jonathan Bernstein respectively. After the consecutive success in the initial stage of her career, she started working with Manhattan Casino and did some leading roles. She also took part in the series Webb’s City: The Musical. Besides, she also did regular theatres because it is her passion. She has also done several television commercials and advertisements which were offered to her due to her huge popularity as an actress.

When it comes to Raymund’s personal life, she does not have much to tell. She leads a simple and happy life with her family. Her first marriage with Patrick Stewart was not successful. Though they liked each other a lot, when it came to their marital life, both of them failed to make their marriage successful. They knew each other for a few years through a common friend and got married in the year 2013. When it did not work out, they decided to get divorced within a year. She is now dating her long time friend Tari Segal. She has also announced the news officially on her Twitter account.