Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams is an actress of American citizenship. She started acting career when she was still too young and she got attention from viewers and critics alike which led to her popularity. She is known because of the tragic and movies roles like The Greatest Showman, Shutter Island and My Week with Marilyn.

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Michelle Williams was born in the year 1980 as Michelle Ingrid Williams at Kalispell in Montana. Her parents have Norwegian Descent. She is a daughter of a homemaker mother and a politician and trader father. She says that even if the family was not that close, they had no grudges or arguments. She learned how to shoot and to fish from her father and he encouraged her to study and to read. At the age of 9, the family went to live in San Diego. It was not easy for her and she became introvert since shse missed placid and calm Montana.


Some of her classmates where earning money by appearing on TV commercials and she decided to try it out. Her parents had no problem for her to become an actress and they were taking her to casting in Los Angeles. When she decided that acting is what she wanted to do, they decided that she should be homeschooled.

When she reached at 15 years old, she decided to get emancipation from the parents so that her career will not be interfered by child labor legislation. Even if she finished her studies, she always regrets that she did not attend a normal education.

Michelle Williams started acting in her teens and appeared in Baywatch series and in Lassie family film. In the year 1998, Michelle Williams got a role of appearing in Dawson’s Creek. It is one of the movies that she enjoyed. The movie got followers and it featured other stars like Katie Holmes and James Van Der Beek.

After being in successful movies, Michelle Williams appeared in other projects which were dedicated to the homosexuality with its acceptance into the modern society. In the years that followed, she appeared in the movies in supporting or main roles. She was in The United States of Leland, Prozac Nation and Me without You.

Husband, wedding

For her private bio, Michelle Williams started a relationship with Heath Ledger who she met while on the Brokeback Mountain Set. They have a complicated relationship but it resulted into a daughter named Matilda. They got engaged but called off the wedding. Ledger died within a year and Michelle became shocked of this death and only talked about it in 2 years.

In the year 2018, Michelle Williams got married to her husband secretly. Her husband is songwriter and a musician called Phil Elverum whose wife died. His first wife had died because of cancer and was left with a daughter of 3 years.

Net worth

Michelle Williams’s net worth is 16 million dollars.

04 Feb, 2019