Michelle Grace

Michelle Grace is an American actress and producer who was born as Michelle Messer on 4th December 1968 in Chicago Illinois. 50 years old Michelle is mostly known for her work in “Narc”, “The Rat Pack” and, “Take the lead”. She has been married more than once. As of now, she has not been seen active in the entertainment field since her last project “Take the lead”.

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Personal Life

Michelle is 50 years old American actress and producer. She was born on 4th December 1968 in Chicago Illinois, the United States. Her birth named is said to be Michelle Messer. Though Michelle is known for some of her work as an actress and producer, she is not a very famous celebrity. Her biography contains very less information about her family and her early life. Even there is no information about her educational background. Though some of the details about her professional career are there. This available information points out that she didn’t do that well in her professional life.

Michelle has gone through difficulties in her personal life too. She has been married twice. Unfortunately, both marriages didn’t go well. Both of her marriages did not last long and fell apart in a few years and she got divorced. She started her married life with Mark Grace in 1988. Mark Grace was a baseball player and he has also served as a coach during his professional career. Their marriage was not successful and fell apart in 1993.

She had no children from the first marriage. She got married for the second time to an actor named Ray Liotta in 1997. They dated for only a month and got into a matrimonial relationship with each other on 15th February 1997. This marital bond lasted for 6 years and they got separated in 2004. However, they had been blessed with a daughter named Karsen.


Michelle’s career has not got any great recognition and never been a headline. She worked on some projects and then she never got a reputation of a great actress. She mostly got her fame because of her marriage to an actor. As she was married to Ray Liotta, she also appeared with him in the movie “Narc” in 2002.

She never got more projects to work. However, there is an interesting fact about her that she looks like another famous actress. Elizabeth Tailor. Her matrimonial relationship must not have gotten in the way of her carrier. She had her daughter in 1998 and later she acted in “Narc”. She also worked with Ray in 2006 after their divorce. She shares the custody of her daughter with her ex-husband Ray.

As of now, she keeps a low profile and has not appeared in any news lately. There is not much to talk about her net worth either as she has not worked in any high profile project. There is also no record of any awards in her professional career. One of the books written by her in 2017 was a big hit; it was titled 'the Outlier'.

25 Oct, 2018