Matt Siegel

Matt Siegel is the iconic host of Matty in the morning, one of the most popular radio shows ever on KISS108 in Boston. The show has been airing since 1981 and has a cult following. There is a long list of celebrities who have appeared in the show such as Hillary Clinton,Selena Gomez, Oprah Winfrey, Ben Affleck, Tom Hanks and Cher, to name a few. Siegel has the credit of winning the very coveted Marconi Award for Personality of the Year, twice. Matt is known for his raw humor and brash demeanorwhich strikes a chord with fellow Bostonians.

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Matt was born in 1950 in New York. Throughout his school, he was a very shy and introverted person. His big break was when he was selected to host his High school talent show. A relatively non famous Matt taking on the stage and performing with a great amount of flair came in as a surprise to everyone.Soon after, he took to a variety of odd jobs at various radio and TV stations and finally got associated with KISS for the past 40 years.

Matty is married to Maryan and has 4 daughters-Alexandra, Lily, Chloe and Olivia. His daughter Alexandra has featured in a few TV series and commercials. In 2017, Matty’s personal life and career was made into a biographical documentary by director Haley Millar. When he is not working Matt loves to go on vacationswith his family. His favorite getaway is Villa d ’Este in Italy. His perfect idea of a vacation is to relax with a glass of Rum swizzle which is a concoction of Black rum, Gold rum and a variety of fruit juices


Matt’s first job was at a radio station in Oneonta, New York. He later joined AZ, a radio station dedicated to underground progressive rock. Eventually, he moved to Warner Bros as a freelance producer and voice over artist. Following this, he worked with WBCN, a legendary Boston radio station that is no longer functioning. Finally by 1981, he moved to KISS and since then he is associated with them.

Matty in the morning is estimated to have around 450000 listeners per week. The show has a very favorable response among women. Matt deals with questions about relationships, dating, and parent –children relationship in a very funny and relatable manner. This has helped Matt become a household name amongst the Bostonians.He is more like a cultural icon of Boston than a radio personality.

The show has Matt along with his co-hosts, who have changed over time. The present co-hosts are Billy Costa and Lisa Donovan. Matt Siegel has a lot of prestigious awards to his credit. He won the Marconi Award, considered the Oscars of the Radio Industry twice. Matt has also been inducted in the Massachusetts Broadcaster’s Hall of fame as on 2012.

01 Feb, 2018