Matt Quayle

Matt Quayle is the Executive Producer and Creator at the CNBC channel of the show Squawk on the Street and Squawk Box.

Personal life

Matt Quayle was born in the United States. The date of birth cannot not be mentioned, as it’s not known! He was the son of a news reporter. His father was a sportscaster in one of the popular news channels and his mother was a writer who worked in a popular fashion magazine. Quayle belonged from a middle class family and thus, it was not possible for him to enjoy all the luxuries and comforts of life.

From his initial age, he understood the reality of his life that he will have to earn his own livelihood. This was the main reason behind his working career at a very early age. Though there was also another reason behind this which was his family's sudden financial breakdown. He took a part time job as a waiter in a local café and helped his family. Despite all these hurdles in his personal life, he never gave up his education. He even did overtime hours in the café to meet the cost of his education.

Finally he achieved his bachelor's degree at the Rutgers University in Mass Communications. After that, he also achieved a master's degree from the Fairleigh Dickinson University in Professional Communications and Media Studies. He soon achieved success in his career also.

Later, he married Rebecca Becky Quick who is an anchor in the Squawk Box, which was directed by Quayle himself. Both of them met in their workplace and also dated each other for several years. However, the couple did not do a big fat wedding and kept it personal. The couple did a secret wedding during the year 2008, in a church with some of their close relatives and friends. Even the CNBC channel did not reveal any news regarding their marriage which was probably due to their job ethics. There were several rumours regarding Quayle’s character as he kept his marriage secret from the media but nothing seemed to affect their married life. The couple is leading a happy married life since 2008 and both of them also have two daughters and a son.


Matt Quayle is presently working as the creator, director and senior executive manager of the show Squawk Box, which is rated as one of the most popular show on CNBC. He has been working with the channel since the year 1992. It was due to his hard work that he got a chance in Fairleigh Dickinson University to teach Media Studies.

He has also received many promotions in the CNBC channel due to his professional dedication and focus. He also used to suggest the company with various strategies, which benefited the company. Thus, he has always received much appreciation from his colleagues and seniors. As he has been working for a quite long, he also has a high net worth though the exact amount has not been mentioned yet.