Kate Pappas

Kate Pappas is the wife of the famous American Soccer player Kyle Beckerman.

Personal life

Katherine Deanna Pappas or Kate Pappas was born in the year 1988 in America. Kate was born in a rich family and her father was a businessman and her mother also assisted him in the business. Though Kate belonged from a wealthy family, she always had sympathy for the needy people around her.

She plays the role of being a very active social worker from her childhood days. She always wanted to stand by such people in times of need. This was the reason that she joined an NGO in her teen. Moreover, due to her good financial condition, she also used to donate sums of money for the well being of the people. Besides, Kate was also a very good student.

Her father always wanted her to join his business as she had a very good knowledge in accounts and business strategies. But Kate never wanted to achieve the success in her career like this. Thus, when she completed her graduation, she took admission in Westminster College. She pursued her further education with English and Communications and achieved the bachelor’s degree.

It was during her working days as the chief editor of the Westminster College, when she met Kyle Beckerman in a video shoot at the Rio Tinto Stadium. In that video shoot, Kate was assisting Kyle and for both of them, it happened to be a love at first sight. After that, the couple went on a date where Kyle proposed her. After dating each other for several years, Kyle asked her for marriage in the year 2012 while they were on a hiking trip at Ensign Peak. He also gave her a princess cut diamond ring circled with small diamonds when she accepted her proposal.

A few months later, the couple got into the sacred bond of marriage. It was a big fat wedding ceremony which was hosted in the Salt Lake City at Holy Trinity Cathedral. It was a much awaited day for their followers and social networking sites were flooded with their wedding pictures where the couple looked stunning in their wedding dress. The couple is probably not thinking about raising a family, as of now. The couple is leading a very happy married life as we can see from their pictures on the social networking sites.


Kate Pappas is a very successful woman in her professional life. She is presently working in Love Communications as an accountant. Previously, she was an intern in this agency but later, she started working in Love Communications as Manager in Public Relations. It was her complete dedication towards her work that she received promotions and is now holding the position of a Project Manager in the agency.

She is also actively engaged with the NGOs. She is presently working with Utah Department of Health Umbrella and concentrating on the UCAN and UCCP campaigns. She has also participated in several health care programs such as in the Tobacco Prevention and Control Program. Kate also has handsome net worth due to her career success.

Last Modified: Mar 9, 2020

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