Mary Layne was born in Colorado City, of Texas in USA in the year 1950. She is actress who played in Cactus in The Snow, The Edge of Night and Another World. Mary Layne started acting when she was 22 years old by playing Lady Macbeth and she spend most of last decades while playing roles such as Iphigenia of The Greek, Juliet of Romeo and Juliet and she has always been praised because of her regularity and was the envy of other actresses. After many years of playing in the regional theater, she decided to go back to New York.

For some weeks, Jennie O’Hara with Anthony Heald who was her colleague in The Fox, they had to spend some days while working on how to perfect their accents. Being able to master a new accent was not something new for Miss Layne since you cannot know her origins by her accent. However, when she goes home, she says that the accent turns automatically.

According to her biography, she was born in Texas and this is where her family is still now. For her parents, her father worked as a pipeline corrosion engineer within oil industry and her mother was a nurse. Her father met with her mother when he went to visit a colleague who was hurt during the work. While visiting, the father fell asleep while at a patient bed so her mother went to attend to him thinking that he is a patient. Mary Layne is oldest in four siblings and she likes to describe herself as ugly duckling bookworm who was wearing corrective shoes.

Mary Layne attended Roman Catholic schools and wanted to be a nurse or a nun. However, she changed this idea when she acted for her classmates and they liked it. Afterwards, she attended public school while in Houston and she felt as if she was miserable and lost and she started to turn towards theater to find solace. She was able to get out of her Texas accent when she was listening to great actors like Laurence Olivier and tried to copy them. She got discovered while doing a stint at Houston Baptist College and was given a role in Cactus in The Snow together with Richard Thomas. Even if the movie was not successful, she got an agent and got to do some television stuff in the city of Los Angeles and lived there for six years.

From her biography, she got married to stage technician and they spend two years in New Hampshire where they were living in log cabin and they were living from the land and had a garden. However, afterwards, she returned to theater and got the role of Play Juliet at a California Shakespearean Festival. She has already divorced her husband and she says she is ready to take up the stage roles again despite her age. There is no record of her net worth.

Last Modified: Mar 11, 2020

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