Mark Orchard is publicly known for being the ex husband of Savannah Guthrie, a beautiful and famous BBC news presenter. Mark had a career highlight as a BBC White House Correspondent in his work as a television producer and broadcast journalist.

Upbringing and Television Career

Mark was born to parents, Jenny Orchard and John Orchard. Although his father was Swiss, his parent had him when they were staying in the United Kingdom. Mark completed his studies graduated from the University of London. He decided to stay in his home country for his education instead of venturing off to the United States.

Mark Orchard worked as a TV producer and BBC journalist. He was in charge of TV and radio production at BBC News. Even though Mark reached a minimum level of fame due to his marriage with Savannah, there is very little that we know about his past career paths. Since both his ex-wives are not ready to talk about him or his past, there is very little chance that we will know about his career life in the near future. Mark has not revealed any details about his net worth or salary either. He prefers to keep his life private after having to deal with all the media attention from his marriage to Savannah Guthrie.

First Marriage

Before his famous marriage to Savannah Guthrie, Mark’s first marriage was to a woman named Anne Kornblut. The marriage did not last long as they broke ties in 2005, four years after their marriage started. Mark’s past girlfriends before his marriage to Anne are not known to media. How Anne and Mark met each other and how long they dated are not known to media. Since Mark was not a celebrity during or before his marriage to Anna, there is little public information available about Anne and Mark’s relationship.

Anne went on to marry a man named Jon Cohen after her relationship ended with Mark. The reason for their separation was not announced to public. Mark and Anne were not public figures when their separation occurred so there isn’t information available about her divorce. Anne is happy that Mark wasn’t known during their marriage so she can keep details of her life private.

Role as a White House Correspondent for BBC

On April 26, 2004, Marc traveled to California to give a seminar for the students attending universities. His lecture was broadcasted on UCTV which gave access to all the college students. In his seminar, he was asked to explain what the role of a BBC journalist is when they are assigned to cover the White House.

Mark began by stating, “Here in the United States I have a couple of roles. I'm the White House producer. It's actually the first time the BBC has had that position at the White House. We created it a couple of years ago sort of a feeling that that we weren't getting very much out of the White House and they didn't like us very much. I'm the principal point of contact between the BBC which is a vast organization with many different programs and networks and the White House. So I provide an opportunity for the White House to tell us when we've done things that they think are wrong or asked us questions or invite us to do interviews which doesn't happen very often and I'm also the point of contact for the BBC within the BBC if you want to find out something about the White House.”


He went to explain that was only half the job. The other half of the job is what they call an affair reporter. It was an idea that BBC picked up from some of the American news networks. The role was seen as a reporter who asks questions, does interviews, and tries to cultivate sources even if the reporting doesn’t necessarily go on air. It gets fed back within the organization and other reporters feed it into their work. In 2004, BBC had ten correspondents based in Washington. None of them were assigned permanently to the White House, only Mark was. He was basically the leader of the group.

In Love with Savannah Guthrie

Mark Orchard thought he met the woman of his dreams, Savannah Guthrie when they first locked eyes. Their love was strong enough to get them to commit to each other. They decided to get married in 2005. They met each other when they were both covering the Michael Jackson molestation trail. Savannah was never married or engaged before meeting Mark. Mark and Savannah married after a few months from the divorce that Mark had from Anne. They dated for a very short period of time before deciding to tie the knot.

Sources described how the couple started heating up during the Michael Jackson Trial. Their married life stretched for four years until they got divorced in 2009. Savannah did not want to talk about the divorce publicly. When asked about the divorce, she cried during an interview. After the separation, Savannah started dating a man named Michael Feldman.

When asked about her married life with Mark, she said that she never put her job before her family and she just wanted to have kids. She said that she was sad that it did not happen with Mark. It is speculated that the divorce had something to do with having children.

 There were no rumors about any fights, extra marital affair or other reasons that could be the reason for separation. The whispers of divorce came to light only when Savannah stopped wearing her wedding ring in public.

It was speculated that when Guthrie became a White House correspondent for NBC, things began to change in the marriage of Mark and Guthrie. In January of 2009 it was announced that Guthrie and Orchard had split up and divorced after four years of marriage to each other.

Mark’s public life and stardom was reduced when the divorce ended. His personal life after divorce is not known to media. He was not dating anyone when the divorce proceedings went public. It is not known whether or not he is single now. No woman has revealed to media that she is dating or is married to Mark. Savannah refuses to give any information about the separation, her married relationship with Mark, the reason for separation, or any details of her current relationship with Mark.  It is unknown who Mark’s new love interest is because he has stayed out of the public eye after his marriage ended with Savannah

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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