Maria Celeste

Maria Celeste is a popular American news reporter and is also an anchor, who is very popular among her fans and has a fan following across the United States.

Maria Celeste was born in the year 1960 on September 27th. She was born in Florida which is in the United States. She was the only child of her parents. Her parents were both connected to the social media. Her father was a television produced, who is known as Jose and her mother was known as Ernica Huddy. She attended her school in Florida. She joined the Loyola University to achieve a bachelor's degree in political science.

She did not take any formal education for journalism and started her career just after achieving her degrees. She did not struggle much during the initial stage of her career. She started her journalism career in a station which she ran in partnership terms with one of her friend. She was in charge of the station and also worked as the director of the station and was also the executive producer of it.

She tries to keep herself away from the media so we could not gather any important information regarding her personal life or about her husband. She was very much depressed due to her relationship at one point of her life and could not concentrate in her work. However, her husband helped her to recover from her state of depression soon and helped her to come back to her career.

Maria Celeste started her career just after completing her university education. She did not go for a job after completing her education and instead she joined the station opened by her parents. She joined the station as a director and also handled the different promotion activities of the station. Later, she achieved some degrees to pursue her reporting career. She joined the News Network in the position of Promotions Director. As she had a previous working experience, she got the job easily in comparison to the other candidates. After working here for some years, she moved to United States.

She was appointed by the WAWS in the position of general reporter. She also handled the several assignments of the station. She has also worked as the news anchor for the WFYV - FM. She used to host the morning radio program named as the Lex and Terry Show.

In the year 1998 when she had a very good career graph, she joined the Fox News Channel. She was appointed at the Miami bureau as a reporter. Later, when she showed her working skills she was given a promotion. After receiving the promotion, she was transferred back to New York. She used to host weekly programs.

Later, she also co-hosted the show Dayside. This show fetched her so much popularity that she started her own blog. She even started doing video blogs when she hosted. Later, she worked as a newscaster in the Fox News Channel. She has a high net worth of $6 million US dollars.