Lynne Curtin is an American reality television participant and star. Her claim to fame is the show The Real Housewives of Orange County which is aired on Bravo. She has participated in two seasons of the show and then had to leave due to a particular controversy.

Early Life

Curtin was born and raised in Southern California. She hails from a military background as her father was an Army admiral. She is now believed to be sixty years old.

Participation on The Real Housewives of Orange County

Her appearance on The Real Housewives of Orange County began in the fourth season when she was 51. In this season, she starts out as a jewelry entrepreneur and launches a line of cuffs. Her husband is Frank and owns a construction business. Due to financial issues, they decide to downgrade their home and take a rental on Laguna Beach. However, their monetary woes continue. Despite that, Lynne Curtin goes ahead and has a facelift and a nose job. The show focuses on her daughters as well who disobey their parents and break the rules of the house ever so often. Towards the end of the show, it is shown that Lynne Curtin turns into a personal life coach.

By the end of the next season, Lynne Curtin is shown to be great friends with Tamra Barney. Though Curtin has been evicted from the show, Barney still continues with it, having graduated to being a judge on the show at present.

Problems with the Show

Lynne Curtin wasn’t the perfect housewife and she often had problems with her children. Her daughter Alexa ends up dabbling with porn and the other daughter Raquel goes for several cosmetic surgeries even at a very tender age. However, her staunch fans stand by what Lynne Curtin has done, often stating that she could not have done any better.

Curtin was removed from the Real Housewives cast after season 5. The channel found out that the Curtin couple were fudging facts about their actual wealth, which led to her untimely eviction. Her stint with the show lasted for two years.


Despite being in her fifties, it was remarked by her fans that Curtin looked no more than a thirty year old. She was always dressed in tight and short clothes throughout the show, which became a kind of her trademark, and which showed off her excellent physique to the hilt.

Her personal wiki states that her ethnicity is not own, but she looks like she has mixed ethnicities in her blood. She is over five and a half feet and is known for her hourglass figure.

Personal Life

Lynne Curtin leads a very prominent life on the social networks, especially Twitter and Instagram. She often talks about her jewelry design business and gets interviewed often. She is on regular podcasts as well. Currently, she is divorced from her husband Frank. No information on grandson or grandchildren from either of her daughters is found in the public domain, though rumors are rife about such a situation. Her net worth currently is in the vicinity of $6 million, mostly contributed by the success of her designing business.

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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