Eric Wynalda full name is Eric Boswell Wynalda. He was born in the year 1969 and he is a retired American soccer player and also a sports broadcaster. He is now a soccer analyst for Fox Sports 1. He scored the first goal in the Major League Soccer in the year 1996 and he was all-time leading goal scorer for United States National team in 2008. He was elected to be in the National Soccer Hall of Fame in the year 2004.

Eric Wynalda was born in the family of the Dutch ancestry and he grew up in Westlake city of California. When he was still a child, he was in the Westlake Wolves where his father Dave was a head coach and he won state championship of AYSO soccer. The same year, he scored even more goal compared to the entire division of the team when it is combined. He made 58 goals in even 16 games. He had the skills that continued improving a year after another and when he reached the Westlake High School, he was given the title of All State Selection three times. He was in the boys’ soccer team of the school, in the youth club tame where he was a colleague of the team player Cobi Jones.

He went to San Diego State University since 1987 until 1989 and he was playing in the Aztecs men’s soccer team and he scored 34 goals and he assisted in other 25 goals in 3 seasons. When he was a freshman, the SDSU went to NCAA Men’s Soccer Championship game but it lost to Clemson Tigers of Bruce Murray. When he was on SDSU, he had to play in two seasons in the local semi-pro San Diego Nomads for two times. He was in the Western Soccer Alliance and in the year 1988, he was playing in single game of 1989 while he played 5 games with Nomads.

Eric Wynalda signed his contract with U.S Soccer Federation to lead up the FIFA World Cup of 1990. After world cup, he signed like a loan player of USSF together with San Francisco Bay Blackhawks for American Professional Soccer League. For three seasons he was with this team, he played only few games and he devoted most of the time to the national team. In 1992, he was loaned to play for Bundesliga club Saarbrucken on 45,000 dollars. When he was there, he scored eight goals in the first half season and this made the club to purchase his contract from USSF. When he retired, he started to be a soccer analyst of ESPN together with Alexi Lalas and he was in-studio analyst of 2006 FIFA World Cup for the broadcasts that use English. He gives his speech on It’s broken Let’ fix it, his twitter account is @EricWynalda and his podcast and monavie can be accessed easily online.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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