Lisa Breckenridge

Lisa Breckenridge is a very famous personality who currently works for the KTTV which is in the Los Angeles. She is a well-known anchor in the media group.

Personal life

Lisa Breckenridge was born in the year 1965 during the month of May at a place called Lodi in California. She was the only child of her parents and was brought up with much love and care. From her childhood days, she was engaged in several co-curricular and cultural activities. She always participated in various inter-school events and was also awarded as the best speaker, several times. This developed her interest of being an anchor.

She completed her graduation from the Pacific Union College, which is in the Napa Valley. After achieving her graduation degree, she took the admission in Stanford University, where she studied Mass Media and Journalism. She completed her studies to finally get the university degree with great marks. Just after completing her education, she decided to start her career, as a reporter. Within a few years, she got her recognition in her career and got married to Andy Cohen during the year, 2003.

She is quite happy in her life with a son and a daughter. She is a well-known personality who has a lot of experience in her career and always carries her smart attitude which plays a greater role in her career and also in increasing her net worth. Despite of all these fame and recognition, her focus in work never gets disturbed.


Lisa Breckenridge started her career with the Fox 11, where she joined as a junior reporter. After showing her skills and dedication towards work, she got promoted to the rank of the staff reporter. She has also worked at KYMA and in KOLO-TV to develop her working skills and also to gain some experience. After working with all these popular television channels, she got the opportunity in KTTV where she was appointed as an anchor.

She has hosted many entertainment programs or shows on FOX 11 News which was telecasted at different times and schedule. She became quite popular in the workplace due to her multitasking skills. She also helped the channel when they ran out for presenters, who were regularly needed. To the channel, she was like a saviour and has always served it whenever her help was needed. She was also awarded quite many times for being the best employee.

She has also received a few accolades from the channel, as tokens for her hard work and dedication. She was also nominated for various award functions where she received the best anchor of the year and many other awards. The FOX 11 channel also had a program which was launched with her name as Lisa’s L.A. which was hosted by her only and was quite popular among the public. She is still working with KTTV and is still holding her position as the best anchor of the FOX 11 channel. She is without any doubt, a very hardworking woman, who wants to make it big, in her life!

Last Modified: Jul 5, 2020

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